Tokyo Olympics 2020 : Shizuoka plans to develop a giant Wave Pool

Everyone wants a pie of the Olympics in 2020 and the neighboring prefectures of Tokyo are announcing development plans one after the other. A few months back Kanagawa Prefecture proposed the Enoshima-Shonan base for the surfing event  at the Olympics. Chiba, another hot spot for surfing activity threw its hat in the ring and Chiba Governor Morita positioned

Coming up near the Tokyo Station : Tallest Skyscraper at 390 meters to be built by 2027

The tallest building in Japan presently is not in Tokyo, but in Osaka. Abenobashi Terminal Building Skyscraper (Abeno Harukas) at 300 meters nearly matches the Tokyo Tower at 333 meters. The Mitsubishi Jisho construction company is all set to best that record by a whole 90 meters at 390 meters and build a skyscraper near the

The Eiffel Tower and Tokyo Tower : Falling in love with the original and the “inspired”

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” was Picasso’s saying which Steve Jobs used when asked if he copied the idea of mouse and a personal computer from Xerox. He explained that “Ultimately, it comes down to taste. It comes down to trying to expose yourself to the best things that humans have done and then

Yamanote Line Paper Advertisements to go DIGITAL!

So Olympics is having and impact on Yamanote Line trains. If you have traveled on the local trains in Japan, not only Tokyo, you will have noticed paper ads hanging inside compartments, something which I have always take a lot of interest to read and learn Japanese in my early days of Japan. By autumn test runs

Fried Potato on Soba?? The world of differentiation

So in a world of choices, to beat competition, companies, individuals try to differentiate. Original ideas get copied by the competition and a cycle of differentiation called as innovation. See Apple, Google, Microsoft …. Now differentiation is sometimes done to shock and awe the customer to try something new and we had an ice-cream experience ourselves at Nakano Broadway

Taco Bell Japan to open at Shibuya Dogenzaka on April 21, 2015

Taco Bell Japan, the subsidiary of the American chain of fast-food restaurants has been having this “We are coming” teaser for quite some time now and today they have announced that the first store will open in Tokyo. Location… SHIBUYA DOGENZAKA!! 渋谷道玄坂!! Opening on April 21, 2015, there will be classic dishes like tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, but

Unique conical roof Police box, KOBAN at Sukiyabashi to be rebuilt

The Sukiyabashi Traffic Square in Ginza just outside the Sony Building has a cute looking uniquely designed Police Box, Koban. Its been there ever since I came to Japan in 98. Koban, a place where you go asking for traffic directions, yeah I know its much more than that, but mostly traffic directions….. The Koban

Godzilla appears at last, TOHO Cinemas in Shinjuku

UPDATE : The Godzilla Head has now been officially unveiled on April 09, 2015. YOU CAN GO SEE IT ONLY AFTER APRIL 17 THOUGH.  ORIGINAL STORY : A few months back we reported on the Hotel Gracery a themed hotel with magnificent view of the Godzilla figure, an awesome 39 feet (12 meters) Godzilla head to

Chibi Maruko Chan Cafe at Fuji TV Building in Odaiba

Learning a language goes much beyond vocabulary and involves a deeper insight into the culture and value systems. Japanese learning for me was no different to understand the beliefs and behaviours of regular Japanese and needed a glimpse into their society, their family life and overall upbringing that Japanese kids go through. FUJI TV has

5 reasons at a Coin laundry which show why Japan is such a great country for tourists and business visitors

UPDATE : IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR COIN LAUNDRIES LIST IN TOKYO, PLEASE SCROLL TO THE END OF THE ARTICLE I travel frequently, every month in fact, to either US, UK, France for work and “laundry” is on the top of my mind when it comes to travel. Tokyo my home town has some awesome

50 years of Shibuya : Tokyu Plaza’s farewell photo exhibit, a time slip experience

Tokyu Plaza Shibuya shopping complex, closing down on March 22 for renovation! They have put up a “Time Slip Gallery” an exhibition which is simply mind boggling with the transformation of Shibuya in the past 50 years. I have been in Japan only since 1998, so for me it is a very new experience to

Ten things you might not know about the Tokyo Skytree. Reflection photo story

I have been following the journey of the Tokyo Skytree from the time it came up in 2012 on Tokyo’s skyline. A broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower in Japan, it became the tallest structure and reached its full height of 634.0 metres (2,080 ft) in March 2011, making it the tallest tower in the world,

HOW TO : Connect to free WiFi on the Tokyo Toei Bus service

A few days earlier we covered the free WiFi connectivity on 143 stations of the Tokyo Metro and Toei Lines of the city. Reference URL :HOW TO : Connect to free WiFi on Tokyo Metro / Toei Lines Today we will check the free WiFi connectivity on the the Toei Bus (ToBus) the bus service operated by the Tokyo

Godzilla Room : A room with a Godzilla view at Hotel Gracery Shinjuku

NOTE : If you are looking for Godzilla Head Photo Story see here Japan National Tourist Office in its survey for most visited place by foreigners in Tokyo listed Shinjuku at the top with 34.8% visitors. Not only visitors, but Shinjuku Station boasts footfalls of over 3.64 million people a day and is the busiest station as per

Casinos in Tokyo!?

Olympics is about celebration of human potential through discipline, dedication, perseverance and positive mindset. To quote the history from “Olympics aimed to show the physical qualities and evolution of the performances accomplished by young people, as well as encouraging good relations between the cities of Greece.” On the other end of the spectrum is belief

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