Godzilla Room : A room with a Godzilla view at Hotel Gracery Shinjuku

NOTE : If you are looking for Godzilla Head Photo Story see here

Japan National Tourist Office in its survey for most visited place by foreigners in Tokyo listed Shinjuku at the top with 34.8% visitors. Not only visitors, but Shinjuku Station boasts footfalls of over 3.64 million people a day and is the busiest station as per the Guinness Book of Records! So no wonder if establishments want to cash in on this business opportunity as in case of Hotel Gracery Shinjuku.

The team at Hotel Gracery Shinjuku in collaboration with Toho Cinema are planning a 39 feet (12 meters) Godzilla head to be erected on top of  new movie complex Toho Cinemas Shinjuku. Located on the 8th floor passersby can get a view from the street and people staying at the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku will also get a view of the Godzilla right from the rooms of the hotel!
Godzilla Room : Hotel Gracery
TYPE 1 : Godzilla View Room
For 15000 yen (US $120) a night in Shinjuku, this seems like a deal (right location, reasonable price and Godzilla view). Mr Ueda from the Hotel Gracery says that this “Godzilla head” is part of their strategy for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics where many foreign tourists will come together and they want to provide the best experience to the visitors. What better way than to appeal the tourists with the Godzilla figure! Plans to make a Godzilla movie in Japan by 2016 are also underway and Hotel Gracery Godzilla VIEW Room will certainly be a hit in the coming years.
Godzilla Room - Hotel Gracery Shinjuku

TYPE 2 : Godzilla Room
At more than double the cost of a Godzilla View Room The Godzilla Room is a total immersion experience with the Godzilla interior completely taking over the rooms layout with Trick walls, black lights, wall artwork all in the Godzilla scheme of things. The cost is 39800 JPY (@USD 300 dollars) on weekdays and 49800 JPY (@400 dollars) on the weekends.
Godzilla Room

Godzilla View Room Reservation : Visitors can reserve in advance at the link (Japanese only).
Godzilla ROOM Reservation : Visitors can reserve in advance at the link (Japanese only).
Let us know in comments if you need help booking the same. Location is below

Godzilla Head - Toho Cinemas ShinujukuThe 8th floor of the Toho Cinemas Shinjuku will also be accessible to visitors who can access the observatory for a panoramic view of the city and the Godzilla head on the terrace. Opens April 2015.


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  5. RM500


    Are you able to help w booking in September. I have hotel reservation but want to change to G room or G view room. I can’t get very far on Japanese Gracery web page.

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      Hi RM500, I Spoke to their staff. They say that any changes to room can be accepted over phone, but the caller should be the person who made reservation.
      The operator has confirmed that she will be able to organize a English speaker. The number +81-3-6833-2489

      My 2 cents : speak the words “English please” as your opening comment and that “should” work!

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