Fried Potato on Soba?? The world of differentiation

So in a world of choices, to beat competition, companies, individuals try to differentiate. Original ideas get copied by the competition and a cycle of differentiation called as innovation. See Apple, Google, Microsoft …. Now differentiation is sometimes done to shock and awe the customer to try something new and we had an ice-cream experience ourselves at Nakano Broadway with an eight layered scoopy experience. But here is one thing which completely blows us off. In someone’s come up with an idea to combine the Japanese traditional dish Soba and mix it with a topping of Potato French Fries!!! ITS COMING TO TOKYO AT FUJI SOBA. LOCATION : KICHIJOJI INOKASHIRA. Whoever thought about that… The Twitter in Japan and News media is all over it and we post a few tweets around the net. CALLED POTE-SOBA … pote-soba Not sure, how this combination tastes, but there are both “It is a too radical combination” to “I liked that taste” comments, so you can taken an experience yourself at Kichijoji and find out. Location of Fuji Soba Kichijoji is as below Pote Soba


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