Rikugien Gardens : Weeping cherry tree blossoms

Every year I visit the Rikugien Gardens in spring and autumn. At Rikugien Garden, the shidare zakura (weeping cherry tree) and feudal lord’s garden are lit up, creating memorable spring scenery end of March and early April. Brilliant 20 meters wide and 15 meters tall tree it is one of the biggest weeping cherry tree in the city of Tokyo.

MARCH 29 2016 : The weeping cherry tree is now in full bloom. Check the location hereRikugien Gardens Cherry BlossomsThis lighting offers a fantastic landscape of weeping cherry blossoms floating in the dark night. There are atleast four to five of these huge weeping cherry trees in the garden which requires an entrance fee of 300 yen for entrance.Rikugien Gardens Cherry BlossomsThe garden has beautiful landscaping and the Japanese theme in the garden is really beautiful  with the  large central pond surrounded by hills and forested areas constructed for overall ambience. My recommendation is to enjoy the scenery along with sipping some Japanese team in the tea houses like Fukiage Chaya in the vicinity. At 510 yen (4 dollars) its a reasonable one I think. The night time light up is really breathtaking.Rikugien Gardens Cherry BlossomsIt nearly took a 20 minute wait in the long queue outside the garden to get in. It is quite a popular destination well covered in tourist magazines so it gets quite crowded here at Rikugien.Rikugien Gardens Cherry BlossomsWeeping cherry trees bloom some days earlier than the standard cherry blossom named Someiyoshino.  Some cherry-blossom-loving Japanese locals start hanami (sakura viewing) with weeping cherry trees. Rikugien’s garden is one of the wonderful Edo period Daimyo gardens in Tokyo, so do not miss it.Rikugien Gardens Cherry BlossomsThere are other trees which are unusually tall and beautiful to view in ful illuminated setup. The agrden is open late in the night with entry allowed until 20:30 ad close at 21:00 in the night.Rikugien Gardens Cherry BlossomsA last view of the giant weeping sakura tree before I head back home….will come again next year.Rikugien Gardens Cherry BlossomsLocation of Rikugien Gardens

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