Cherry Blossoms 2016 : Roppongi Hills is now in full bloom

March 29, 2016 : The Cherry blossoms at the base of the Roppongi Hills are now in full bloom.

The light up in the evenings is beautiful and you can also go to Tokyo Midtown where too many cherry blossom trees are in full bloom now.Roppongi Hills Sakura Cherry blossomsThe blossoms have been late than what was predicted, but they are finally here and will stay until April 5, 2015. This is a week of beauty and catch it before it is all gone.Roppongi Hills Sakura Cherry blossomsYou can also catch a glimpse of the Tokyo Tower peeping through the various akura trees and at night this a decent view to enjoy on way back home from office…..Roppongi Hills Sakura Cherry blossomsBack side of the Roppongi Hills is a small garden, sit around on the benches, look up and enjoy the cherry blossoms contrasted with the high rise building of Roppongi Hills. The beauty and the beast…Roppongi Hills Sakura Cherry blossomsTook this one snap on the way to the venue near the ANA Hotel at Tameike Sanno, Roppongi Itchome Station. Cherry blossoms are finally in and enjoy until they last. Roppongi Traffic Junction


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