Ueno Park cherry blossom night illumination “Yozakura”

Lined endlessly with a number of cherry trees, Ueno Park main street is a favourite place that many Japanese people would think of when it comes to a beautiful scene of cherry blossoms in spring. During the festival, 1000 lanterns, which were originally intended for nighttime security, illuminate the park and invite people to celebrate the arrival of spring under a night sky. With 610 trees Ueno Park is one major destination for cherry blossoms right in the central part of Tokyo.
Ueno Park Sakura IlluminationLocated in the precinct of Toeisan Kaneiji Temple where the Tokugawa Shogunate family is buried, the park is a busy place in the evenings when on weekdays you will see salarymen coming here in droves and enjoying the hanami (flower watching) season. They sit on either sides of the street inside the park or get together near the temporary makeshift tents selling delicious food.
Ueno Park Sakura IlluminationEven on a weekday the crowds had thronged the place and it was kind of difficult to walk… Weekends get further more crowded with families coming out in droves and tourist numbers have been swelling in the past few years adding to the crowd.
Ueno Park Sakura IlluminationAt an average an estimated 2 million people will visit to experience “Hanami” or cherry blossom viewing while picnicking directly beneath a tree. One Hundred Famous Views of Edo is a series of Ukiyo-e prints by the Japanese artist Utagawa Hiroshige (1797–1858). There is this painting of Ueno Park, Moon Pine, a circular pine tree structure which has been recently restored to its 200 year old history and you can see a Benzaiten Shrine exactly through it. Beautiful.Ueno Park Sakura IlluminationThe cherry tree next to it is in full bloom and a magnificent size to look at.Ueno Park Sakura IlluminationThere are a few things you need for the complete hanami experience. At your nearest 100 yen store, you can purchase a large plastic picnic sheet (or tarp) to spread on the ground to reserve your space, bright and early. When the sun sets, about 1,300 lanterns light up to extend hanami into the moonlit sky. Also bring a blanket or jacket for the chilly spring nights!Ueno Park Sakura IlluminationBeautiful flowers and lantern in Ueno Park.Ueno Park Sakura IlluminationWeb (Link in Japanese): http://www.city.taito.lg.jp/smph/index/event/kanko/uenosakuramatsuri.html Stall food inside the park, delicious, but you may also want to carry some home food to ensure that you are well stocked for a few hours.Ueno Park Sakura IlluminationThe night time light up of Sakura is called as Yozakura. Reno Park is famous as a yozakura location on the same level as Meouro River and Chidorigafuchi locations in Tokyo.Ueno Park Sakura IlluminationJapanese mannerisms on full display. Complete segregation of waste, bags lined up inside the park and all participants were seen disposing waste as per the rules.
Ueno Park Sakura IlluminationLocation of Ueno Park (Google Maps)

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