Rikugien Gardens Autumn lightup and colourful trees

So which is the popular garden for tourists in Tokyo? Apparently Rikugien is very popular as are others like Hamarikyu Gardens. Its a quite old garden built around 1700. The Japanese characters 六義園 in a word to word literal translation means “six poems garden”. The garden attracts huge crowds in autumn and spring season when the garden has a beautiful lightup at night. In autumn usually in the last week of November when the leaves change color.
Rikugien Garden TokyoThe garden has beautiful landscaping and the Japanese theme in the garden is really beautiful  with the  large central pond surrounded by hills and forested areas constructed for overall ambience. My recommendation is to enjoy the scenery along with sipping some Japanese team in the tea houses like Fukiage Chaya in the vicinity. At 510 yen (4 dollars) its a reasonable one I think.Rikugien Garden TokyoThe garden brings out its colors in the last two weeks of November, with the numerous maples trees turn the garden into one of Tokyo’s best color viewing spots in the city. The views reflects beautifully off the water, creating a magical atmosphere. The park stays open until 9pm for the duration of the event, that includes the teahouses in the garden.Rikugien Autumn ColorsThe pond has beautiful orange Koi fish trying to catch your attention to get something to eat. Plentiful of them around int he pond add to the overall Japanese feel of the garden. Thought to introduce the fish, so that you don’t miss them in the rush to see the autumn leaves. Also be ready to tolerate the crowds who throng the garden and suggestion is that you visit on a weekday if possible that too late in the night at 20:00 or so. Rikugien Garden TokyoEnjoy the various trees with the autumn colors in the garden,but wait for the sun to set and the light up to begin.Rikugien Autumn ColorsAs the sun sets, the lights are turned on and the garden turns into a rather romantic location. Beautiful pond with the surface reflecting the trees. The crowds swell and not much time you get to spend at one location. The ticket line on weekend will be around 45 minutes to an hour before yogurt to enter the garden. Rikugien Garden TokyoEnjoying the reflections of the Rokugien Gardens until 21:00 in the night of the autumn. The gardens with the huge weeping Sakura Tree is also a big awesome attraction in Cherry Blossoms season.Rikugien Garden TokyoLocation of park : Rikugien Park on Google Maps


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    When do they light up the park this year? Hoping to catch some good fall foliage while I’m there.

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