Kiba Park cherry blossom night illumination

Kiba Park is not known for night time cherry blossom illumination like the Chidorigafuchi or the Meguro River cherry blossom illuminations. The park has regular fluorescent lighting which provides enough light to enjoy the cherry blossoms.Kiba Park Cherry Blossom IlluminationThe Kiba Park in Koto Ward (if you stay around Koto Ward, Edogawa Ward quite easy to reach here) is a pretty wide park and recreation boats an area of 24 hectares to relax in the suburbs of Tokyo from every day stress. Just 5 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Subway Tozai Line. A few groups were enjoying the flowers, evening joggers and few other people in the park, a far cry from the huge crowds at popular locations. But this is good, quite a serene flower viewing experience.Kiba Park Cherry Blossom IlluminationThe park has many cherry trees and the snap below can give you an idea that this can be your own private place to enjoy the flowers with not much disturbance or noise. As the night descends the park is a very quiet neighbourhood. Not much around the park in terms of shops or food stalls, so if you plan on hanami (flower watching) here, go with some food and drinks to carry with you.Kiba Park Cherry Blossom IlluminationA solitary cherry tree in the middle of the park greens… It is these less known spots like these which bring a very different beautiful experience of the cherry blossoms. However if you visit in the day time, expect quite a lot many families around the tree, the evening is the best time for such an experience.Kiba Park Cherry Blossom IlluminationThe Skytree arrived in 2011 and the skyline changed for this park. The Tokyo Skytree in the center of the pedestrian bridge inside the park premises. A beautiful photo spot to capture the Skytree. The Tokyo Skytree illumination also is cherry pink for all of March and the first half of April for the blossoms season. Beautiful…..Kiba Park Cherry Blossom IlluminationEnjoying until 19:30 in the evening, we finally decided to head home. Beautiful day well spent.Kiba Park Cherry Blossom IlluminationOn the way back on the pedestrian bridge inside the park which spans across both sides of the road, caught the traffic trails on the road below. Kiba Park Cherry Blossom IlluminationFor a change we kept our car back at home and had travelled on the Tozai Line Tokyo Metro Subway. Back on the platform headed back home to Nishi Kasai….Kiba Park Cherry Blossom IlluminationLocation of the Kiba Park
Address : 4 Chome-6-1 Hirano, Koto, Tokyo 135-0023

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