Kiba Koen Plum Blossoms

Ume or the Plum blossoms are everywhere now in Tokyo in the first week of March. The Kiba Park in Koto Ward (if you stay around Koto Ward, Edogawa Ward quite easy to reach here) is a pretty wide park and recreation boats an area of 24 hectares to relax in the suburbs of Tokyo from every day stress.
Kiba Koen Plum BlossomsThe area around the Kiba Park has some of the most deep colored Plum blossoms and that too well laid out on the walkways giving a splendid view of the seasonal beauty. I am sensitive to spring pollen and when my wife says that the scent of the flowers is mesmerizing, me with a face mask on, I just nod my head to say OK, but cannot really relate to that experience.
Kiba Koen Plum BlossomsBeautiful flowers in bloom in the first week of March here in 2016. Worth to make a trip this week itself. It is just a couple of minutes walk from the Tozai Line Subway Kiba Station Kiba Koen Plum BlossomsWith the Tokyo Skytree not that far from this location you can get some brilliant views on a clear blue sky day. Unfortunately a cloudy day on my visit. Kiba Koen Plum BlossomsThe petals create kind of a blanket on the ground a pink blanket to walk on…. nice…Kiba Koen Plum BlossomsI went late in the day and did not get time to stop by the Japanese Garden (rock garden) space inside called karesansui, but recommend that you do visit the same. See the access map at the park which will direct you to the southern part of the park where it is located. Kiba Koen Plum BlossomsIn the same area, just a 20 minute walk is the Monzen Nakacho area where you can stop by to visit the brilliant and beautiful shrine Tomioka Hachimangu, one which is frequented by Sumo wrestlers who pray there for their sporting success.Tomioka HachimanguA shrine like that, you can literally experience the spiritual bliss which some tourists go all out to Kyoto to experience. Tokyo has many such brilliant locations including an awesome Torii (red colored gates) at the Sanno Hie Shrine in Akasaka. Check it out here. Tomioka Hachimangu


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