Pink or White? : Comparing Meguro River vs Chidorigafuchi Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)

My mother tongue is Marathi. In my school days (Grade 8), the Marathi subject textbook , introduced me to Japan’s famed Cherry blossoms in a small chapter written by a well known Marathi writer P. L. Deshpande. He had described the delicate nature of these blossoms with PINK as the color of the flowers. My first experience of Cherry Blossoms in 98, I was rather surprised when the flowers were more, how should I say WHITE, than anything to do with the pink impression I had in my mind. The place was Chidorigafuchi in Kudanshita famous for white illumination at night. See an example I took last year..
Chidorigafuchi Cheery BlossomsI have come to accept different colors and shades of white, pink, dark pink for many varieties of Sakura, but that “PINK” definition is very strong and anytime that color gets emphasized I experience that impression I always hold. MEGURO RIVER Cherry blossoms offer that erotic or better expressed, romantic illumination and I thought I should compare with Chidorigafuchi. You take your call what you feel is a better illumination color.
Meguro River Cherry blossom illuminationThe contrast is very clear. Chidorigafuchi attempts to emphasize the natural color light pink bordering on white while the Meguro River side attempts through elaborate pink lanterns lined across the river side to give it a more erotic feel. The positive for Chidorigafuchi is the Tokyo Tower backdrop which attracts huge crowds to this spot in addition to the boat rides. Meguro relies on colors of trees and also the reflections of the same in the water below.
Chidorigafuchi Blossoms Tokyo Tower and white illuminationMeguro is Pink!
Meguro River Pink Illumination for Cherry BlossomsIf I was to compare the footfalls at both the venue, its a tough call and gets crowded wherever you go. In my view Chidorigafuchi is slightly more crowded maybe its so popularized in the media… and it has the Yasukuni Shrine nearby which is also full with stalls to enjoy food and drink.
White Sakura at Chidorigafuchi outside the Indian EmbassyIf you walk more towards JR Meguro Station the crowds thin out and beautiful lanterns in pink colors and more personal experience than wading through the crowds
Pink lanterns at the Meguro River Sakura illumination
If crowds are mode dense at Chidorigafuchi, the flowers are more dense at Meguro River. Chidorigafuchi looks beautiful when you watch the flowers from a distance, while Meguro you can see them up close due to the relatively dim pink smooth colors. Due to white color Chidorigafuchi looks best contrasted on a black background, while the blue hour works best for Meguro River blossoms
Chidorigafuchi Blossoms illuminationPink and blue contrast (Meguro River)
Pink blossoms at Meguro RiverOne thing why I visit Chidorigafuchi every year is the surreal effect the boats have, floating in the water. This is one of the most crowded spots by visitors. Meguro, is more cordial and homely in the suburbs. Chidorigafuchi is right in the working district of central Tokyo and both have their own unique and beautiful identities.
Surreal boats floating at Chidorigafuchi Cherry blossom illumination in 2015A homely Hanami at Meguro.
Pink lanterns at Meguro River Cherry blossom illumination 2015
This article is not about which is better, because honestly speaking, both are beautiful. My person preference and conditioning was about the PINK emphasis and I rate that slightly higher and feel it is more attractive, erotic and yes romantic to say the least.


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