Fusion of Culture and Nature : Wisteria blossoms at Ashikaga Flower Park

Forests are natural. Gardens are a human construct to bring order and structure which I experienced at Ashikaga Flower Park last year as an effort of human and nature’s collaboration. The Wisteria trees are creepers meaning they are usually not self supported like the regular trees, but can take support of surfaces to propagate and grow. One of the best locations to experience Wisteria in Japan is the Ashikaga Flower Park in the Tochigi prefecture.ashikagaGrowing Wisteria is an art and needs dedicated pruning twice a year to keep the vine and display in tip top condition. They are long lived and will form woody stems over time which require significant support and the Ashikaga Flower park has done an amazing job to support and grow these trees with elaborate light up in the Spring Season of Japan. So here is an example of human effort for supporting the trees and nature’s beauty in a unique collaboration.
Wisteria Illumination at the Ashikaga Flower parkAmazing right? Just look at the elaborate support structures put up at the park and you will get the idea. Located in Tochigi Prefecture the Ashikaga Flower Park is famous for its wisteria blossoms. Elaborate supports to the three big wisteria trees cover an area of about 1,000㎡. The best times to visit Ashikaga Flower Park is from mid April to mid May. A one hour ride in a car from Tokyo or Take the JR Utsunomiya Line, JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line or JR Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo to Oyama and transfer to the JR Ryomo Line. Easy access approx 10 minutes by train from Ashikaga to the Tomita Station The flowers are not only Lavender but also WHITE Wisteria, see below
Wisteria Illumination at the Ashikaga Flower parkIt is a truly unique attraction; the blossom starts with light pink blooms first in the season, followed by purple wisteria, white and then yellow. Just before you decide to visit the park, I recommend to check the official website for the latest status of the blossoms.
IMG_0397You will find many other flowers, restaurants and a shop selling plants and local products. Daylight beauty of the wisteria. The entrance ticket fee for Ashikaga Park depends on the season and the stage of the bloom. Expect the rate to be between 700 yen and 1600 yen. Golden Week (first week of May) is the best time for the wisteria bloom and that comes with the highest entrance fee.
Ashikaga Flower Park is equally beautiful in daylight. You can also enjoy a variety of flowers other than wisteria which it is most famous for. The backdrop of the hills adds further beauty to the scenic location in Tochigi Prefecture. Summers are also a popular time to visit, when the pond is filled with white lilies.
Ashikaga Flower ParkI was wonder struck with the beauty of the flowers although I do not consider myself to be a fan of such “flower” gardens and prefer hiking or natural setups. The effort taken by authorities here to keep the park clean, the elaborate decorations and including the landscaping of even the bridges as in the below snap is a proof to that
Ashikaga Flower ParkThe park is just a 1-hour drive from Tokyo, which makes it possible to stay back late in the park which is open until 9 p.m. during the days of the Wisteria illumination.
Ashikaga Flower Park パノラマ写真
Wish I had a stronger batter for the camera that day. It just ran out before I could take a whole lot snaps. Unfortunate. Maybe I will go again the spring of 2015. The Wisteria reflections simply mind boggling
Ashikaga Flower Park パノラマ写真
The Park gets crowded in Golden Week (first week of May in Japan is a holiday), so plan accordingly before you head off
DSC05165 パノラマ写真
On way back home, we enjoyed this Wisteria flavor ice-cream awesome end to a flowery day a collaboration of human effort and natures beauty.

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