78000! Sunflower maze at the Narita Yume Bokujo

It’s a hot summer time again in Japan and many farms around Tokyo are announcing the arrival of the sunflower bloom in the fields. Narita Yume Bokujyo or Narita Dream Dairy Farm is a sightseeing ranch located in Narita City of Chiba. A wide field with an area that equates to around seven Tokyo Domes combine, every July thousands of sunflowers bloom in the fields and I have visited this on a couple of occasions, a one hour drive from Tokyo to Chiba .Sunflowers at Narita Yume BokujoIf you want to ride a train and not a drive by car, you can access this farm from the JR Namekawa Station and then take a free shuttle bus which takes you to the farms. You can visit the dairy farms or you can straight head to the sunflower farm which is on the left of the Family Enjoy Land facility. The best part on arrival was the beautiful sprinkler mist system which cooled me and family down from the hot sunshine of the summer.
Visitors are surrounded by walls of sunflowers at Narita Yume Bokujo in NaritaThe sign for sunflower farm is at the gate which points you away from the dairy farm. The dairy farm costs a ticket which is separate from the sunflower farm and do confirm which activity you are interested in. Do not waste money in buying ticket for the dairy farm since the sunflower farm does not require this ticket.
Visitors are surrounded by walls of sunflowers at Narita Yume Bokujo in NaritaOver 78000 flowers are said to bloom at the Narita Yume Bokujo which is really a LOTTTT! The farm is quite wide and they have a gamification done by creating maze of walking paths between the planted sunflower trees. The staff at the entrance will give you a answer sheet which you will need to fill by visiting different spots in the sunflower maze, read the questions at each point and answer the questions with a YES/NO answer. What do you get for that? Keep scrolling and you will find out.
UntitledWARNING : Before you decide to enter, make sure that you have stuffed yourself with a bottle of water. The summers are hot and you should keep yourself hydrated to prevent sun strokes. Having goggles and hats on is an absolute MUST. The flowers are beautiful, but can be enjoyed only if you stay healthy, fit and fine. So don’t ruin the fun for yourself and your family. Take care.
UntitledMy first impression with the flowers, no actually the trees itself was that they were really TALLLLLL. I mean taller than me and were like towering through the ground. I never knew that sunflowers are so tall and this was a first time experience.
Visitors are surrounded by walls of sunflowers at Narita Yume Bokujo in NaritaThe bees were having a great day getting the nectar from the flowers and helping nature’s pollination process. We took two three rounds in the farm and there was also a small observations deck from where you can take a panoramic view of the sunflowers in the farm. Really beautiful spot
Visitors are surrounded by walls of sunflowers at Narita Yume Bokujo in NaritaOh, and yes what do you get for getting all right answers to the questions? Well a 50 yen off on an ice-cream! The soft-cream is cool, but they should subsidize it more for the efforts in the hot sun 😉 🙂 ha ha.Narita Dream FarmLocation of Narita Yume Bokujo

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