Coffee at Asakusa : Panoramic views from Miharashi Cafe

Asakusa, the well known cultural destination and a tourist attraction in Tokyo has some hidden gems. One of my favorite is a coffee shop with an awesome panoramic view. A few years back, I went to see a rakugo (Japanese comedy show) performance at the Asakusa Cultural Tourist Information Center, together with one of my Japanese friends. The first floor was a tourist friendly English speaking desk guiding the visitors to Asakusa. You can pick up many pamphlets in English and other languages here.
Miharashi Cafe view of Asakusa in TokyoMy friend, being a local, born and raised in the Taito ward, knows the area very well. He also knew about my hobby (photography), so he showed me the Miharashi Cafe on the eighth floor of the Tourist Information Center. He said it was an anaba(穴場), meaning a “little-known good place” in Japanese. He said that it was one of the best views of Asakusa at a budget price. Honestly I was bowled by the below view. I have been staying for so many years in Tokyo, but had not known this location ever…. WOW!
Miharashi Cafe view of Asakusa in TokyoThe coffee shop has decent coffee, a bit pricey, I think they include the charge of the view or so, and has been a spot for me and my wife for weekend Saturday morning coffee. Seriously cool view. You will certainly like the the beautiful view of Kaminarimon, Senso-ji (the main temple), Nakamise Street (the souvenir shopping street between the gate and the temple) and the Tokyo Skytree.
Miharashi Cafe view of Asakusa in TokyoI suggest visiting the cafe at twilight time when you can see the start of the light-up of the Sensoji, the lit up Nakamise street and the illumination of the Tokyo Skytree. Kindly note that there are no tripods allowed inside the cafe, nor on the observation deck. However, you are certainly allowed to take snaps with your camera held in your hand.
Miharashi Cafe view of Asakusa in TokyoThe small but elegant cafe is a bit pricey as I said earlier. Iced coffee for 450 yen was kind of pricey (even more expensive than at Starbucks), so I went for a self-service coffee for 380 yen and a small bread snack for 280 yen, which I found a bit more reasonable. Good news is you can carry the drink along to the observation deck, albeit their are no tables outside, just chairs.
Miharashi Cafe AsakusaA zoomed in view of the Sensoji… you can impress your Japanese friends with such info actually. This spot is not known to many locals too.
Miharashi Cafe view of Asakusa in TokyoAsakusa Cultural Tourist Information Center. It is located just opposite the Kaminarimon, the huge gate in Asakusa, and I highly recommend this place to all visitors since it provides great information and assistance in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. There is also free Wi-Fi internet access in the premises.
Miharashi Cafe view of Asakusa in TokyoThe best part is the Sumida River, the passing traffic and the Tokyo Skytree in the backdrop which can be viewed from the observation deck next to the cafe. NOTE : The observation space is free access and there is no need to visit cafe and pay for coffee. So essentially a free panoramic view of Asakusa.
Miharashi Cafe view of Asakusa in Tokyo
If you go by car, note that there is no parking of the center itself, you will need to use the basement parking of the Nakamise Dori which is 200 yen for 30 minutes. If you go by train the exit number 2 is the best. Its just outside the exit 2 and a minute walk from exit 1 and 3.
Miharashi Cafe view of Asakusa in Tokyo

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