Photography while walking around the Imperial Palace moat in Tokyo

The view of the Imperial Palace(the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan) and Nijubashi in Tokyo is said to be one of the most photographed location in Japan. The palace is surrounded by a moat from all sides, around which are the footpaths, the famous jogging tracks of Tokyo. Although I do not jog a lot, I do frequently take brisk walks on this road and have taken a couple of shots over the years.Imperial Palace and NijubashiTokyo Imperial Palace in the center of Tokyo, is encircled on all ends with important establishments, the National Diet building, the Prime Ministers Offices and most of the government building just to the south. On the western side is much of Tokyo’s financial power, with companies like Nomura Securities and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Today some of the moats, defensive walls, gate houses and turrets still remain.
The beautiful moat and the green waters : Moat around the Imperial PalaceThe green waters of the palace moat offer some stunning panoramic views on the Hibiya side of the palace moat. The extreme right is the view of the jogging track which is “super busy” with joggers in the early mornings or late evenings.
Palace moat panoramaThe Imperial hotel around this area has been redesigned in the 1980’s and thought the surrounding commercial buildings have undergone change the Imperial Palace and the remaining constructions have remained the same through the ages.Palace moat and Imperial HotelBeautiful swans can be found in the waters of the moat and they are a beautiful sight. You can catch multiple of them wading through the water and watching the people walking or jogging on the footpaths. Usually found on the western side moats around the Tokyo Station area.Swan in the moat surrounding the Imperial Palace
Night time views : Night time views of the moat with the still water bring amazing opportunities of catching reflection shots of the commercial district reflected in the waters. A few samples are below. This below view is on the Hibiya side of the palace moat
Reflection of buildings in the waters of the moat surrounding the palace.The view on the Otemachi and Tokyo Station side is also beautiful as below
Otemachi side reflection view in water of the Imperial Palace moatsSeasons around the Imperial Palace : The autumn brings in yellow color leaves all around the moat where many Gingko trees have been planted. It is a beautiful sight on a fresh bright autumn day in November. Usually towards the end of the November you will be able to catch the yellow fall colors around the palace moat.
Aumun Foliage Gingko around the moatIn the spring the blossoms on the Chidorigafuchi side of the palace moat which is towards the north near the Kudanshita Station has beautiful light up of the garden and Sakura trees (usually mid March). Surreal boats in the waters around the moat add up to the overall magic of the seasonal moment surrounding the Imperial Palace.Chidorigafuchi Cheery BlossomsCulturally important Yasukuni Shrine a place where the war dead are enshrined has celebrations in the last week of March and this below view is one of the most sought after by photographers which captures the palace moat, the flowers and the Tokyo Tower in the far background.Chidorigafuchi Blossoms Tokyo Tower and white illuminationThe palace moats are a beautiful place to visit in Tokyo and do visit if you are in the city with major tourist attractions all around the palace.


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