10000 Paper Lanterns at Odaiba Marine Day Event

July 16-17 2023

Odaiba, Tokyo’s captivating waterfront district, becomes a beacon of light and enchantment on Marine Day. This special holiday celebrates the ocean’s beauty and significance, and in Odaiba, it takes the form of a mesmerizing lantern festival.

In 2004, the festival of lights, known as the “Sea Illumination Festival,” began at Odaiba Beach. To pray for the safety of the sea, seven-colored paper bags were lit with candle flames, creating a luminous pageant along the beach. However, the event was interrupted since 2020 due to various factors, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

10000 Lanterns – Odaiba Lantern Festival, Marine Day 16-17 July 2023.

In 2022, when the situation with the pandemic began to improve slightly, a small-scale event was held. Now, in 2023, as the pandemic subsides further, the theme for the event is “Enjoying the Four Seasons of Japan.” The team will resume the event at Odaiba Beach, where paper lanterns will be used to create illuminated ground artworks.

Stroll along the sandy shores and witness the captivating sight of lanterns lined up, their warm light dancing with the gentle sea breeze. The picturesque backdrop of Tokyo Bay enhances the ambiance, creating a truly enchanting experience.

Date and Time: July 16th (Sunday) and July 17th (Public Holiday), 2023 13:00: Installation of ground artwork lanterns by volunteers and the organizing committee 18:30: Lighting of paper lanterns begins (Note: Approximately 10,000 paper lanterns will be used to create artistic patterns)

The lanterns not only light up the beach but also create mesmerizing reflections on the water’s surface. As darkness falls, these shimmering reflections evoke a sense of tranquility and beauty, adding an ethereal touch to the lantern festival. Capture stunning photographs or simply take a moment to immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance, as the lanterns and their reflections create a dreamlike setting.

Venue: Odaiba Kaihin Park, Odaiba Beach

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