Hachiko Christmas : Santa Claus, Illumination and a lot of crowd

Hachiko, the famous pet dog of Japan is having some warm time in Shibuya. Yeah its that time of the year, Christmas time and Hachiko is enjoying the annual illumination!!!!Hachiko and Christmas illuminationThe lights are all around the Hachiko Square. Statues of Santa Claus climbing the tress surrounding Hachiko are attracting the crowds to take snaps with the famous pet. The Santa Claus climbing on trees reminds me of my old days in Kobe where similar Santa Claus decoration is put up all around the area of Kitanocho.
Hachiko and Christmas illuminationThe area around Shibuya Station is wearing a festive look. The Shibuya 109 landmark too wears a Christmas look.
Shibuya 109 ChristmasThere was a unique sight at the Hachiko Square. The crowds in the evening were so high near the smoking corner near Hachiko that people were standing outside and smoking and the city had appointed a man in a Santa Claus suit requesting people to get back in!! The smoking section needs to be seriously moved to a different location…..Hachiko ChristmasHachiko, is oblivious to all the hustle bustle around him and enjoying the view of the Christmas lights Hachiko ChristmasA man in Santa Claus dress doing some crazy acts near the Hachiko Statue. Not sure what he was trying to do, but was seen just calling out all passersby and speaking something which sounded neither Japanese, nor English or whatever…
Hachiko ChristmasTime to go home, one last snap of the Santa up there in the air trying to scale up the tree. So cute.

Hachiko and Christmas illuminationHaving spent around 30 minutes doing some photography around the area, jumped on to Ginza Line (The new ALL YELLOW train) on way back home
Hachiko ChristmasLast but not the least, if you want to see a movie on Hachiko theme, a big recommend is
Hachi : A Dog’s Tale (Amazon.com)

Hachi : A Dog’s Tale (Amazon Japan)

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