Peeing Boy Statue 2015 : Four Season dressup of Mannekin Pis

Tokyo is full of big and small surprises and we were caught by one such surprise at the JR Hamamtsucho Station a few days back. If you sit in the first compartment of the Yamanote Line going towards Shibuya, you can spot the Peeing Boy Statue on the Hamamtsucho Station Platform (Platform number 3). Named 小便小僧 Shoumben Koushou a detailed inscription plate below the statue states that it was gifted by a dentist  to the Hamamtsucho Station in 1952. Apparently the Hamamtsucho Station Officer was looking for something to commemorate the 80 years of railway operations in Japan and the dentist Kobayashi Hikaru offered this statue. Kobayashi san actually made the statue for his son’s birth  but later donated it to the station. His son still runs the dental hospital inside the World Trade Center on the 14th floor, just next to the Hamamtsucho Station. The statue was apparently in its “naked” form initially, but Japanese women started dressing it up with various clothing (started by Tanaka Eiko who used to work near Hamamatsucho dressed up the statue on a cold winter day). There was similar statue at the Tokyo Station Marunouchi side worth nearly 4.5 million yen, but was stolen in 1972 and was never found. That makes this statue the only one in Tokyo now!! The statue is a great source of pride for Hamamatsucho station workers who dress it in various costumes—traditional and otherwise at different times of the year.
Peeing Boy statue at Hamamatsucho Station
February 2015 : The Statue is with a ULTRAMAN DRESS UP!!!!
Girls are taking snaps him peeing and he is not even concerned!
March 2015 : The statue is with a FIREMAN DRESS UP!!!!
Peeing Boy Statue dressed up as a fireman at JR Hamamatsucho Station June 2015 : Preparing for SUMMER!Peeing Boy Statue in Spring and Summer 2015October 2015 : IT IS AUTUMN TIME….Peeing Boy Statue at JR Hamamtsucho StationPeeing Boy Statue at JR Hamamtsucho StationNovember 2015 : CHRISTMAS TIME
Peeing Boy Statue at JR Hamamtsucho StationPeeing Boy Statue at JR Hamamtsucho Station


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