Winter Fireworks at Rainbow Bridge 2015 schedule

Fireworks in cold winter season? Firework events in Japan are usually held in the summer season but there are a few events held in the past couple of years which advertise winter fireworks. One is the big festival in Saitama Chichibu area and the other is the Rainbow Bridge Fireworks. The Tokyo Rinkai Holdings company has been conducting this event for a couple of years and usually holds this event for four times on Saturdays in the month of December until the Christmas Day of the 25th.Rainbow Bridge Winter Fireworks 2015The 2015 schedule for the Odaiba Fireworks is on December 5, 12, 19 and 26. The first one December 5 is already through and some snaps from last years event and last weekends event. The event is enjoyable from the Odaiba Decks area and short fireworks event of 10 minutes starts at 19:00. Although the event is only for 10 minutes it is a quite impressive firework session. Since it is only 10 minutes of fireworks you can mix it with shopping at the Rainbow Bridge, enjoy good food to complete the evening.
Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks 2013 at OdaibaYou can view the fireworks from the Odaiba beach or from the top floors of the Aqua City Mall too. This shot below is from the top floor parking lot of Aqua City Mall.
Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks 2013 at OdaibaFireworks from the beach level. Personally I like to watch it from the parking space in the Aqua Mall.Odaiba Rainbow Bridge Winter IlluminationThe illumination on the 12th and the 19th are going to be special event where fireworks synchronised with a music show. Will be missing the fireworks plus music synchronisation.
Odaiba Rainbow Bridge Winter Illumination


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