143 Tokyo Metro/Subway Stations in Tokyo to get “hassle-free” WiFi spots


Free WiFi coming to Tokyo Subway/Metro starting Dec. 1, 2015

The number one ask from tourists coming to Japan has always been ease of connectivity to WiFi spots across the city. Primarily to connect to internet and access travel related information tourists had to contend with long subscription processes or sometimes non availability of a carrier contract in Japan, left isolated with no connectivity.

With the tourist numbers reaching records the WiFi spots have slowly but surely started to popup across various places in the city and the announcement from Tokyo Metro today will go a long way to alleviate this problem which the tourists face (at least in Tokyo).

WiFi Sign in subway

Starting December 1, 2014, 143 stations on the Toei line and Tokyo Metro Lines will get a free WiFi Spot called “Japan Connected―free Wi―Fi” which will allow a connection time of over 3 hours. You can connect any number of times in that time period. Hopefully the registration screen will be in English/Chinese/Korean and other major languages, else it defeats the basic purpose of a hassle free connectivity.

The connectivity is also available on the Tokyo City Bus To-Bus! Not only tourists but this connectivity will help regular commuters too.

In our earlier article we had made the case that free WiFi is not the only solution to problems which tourists face, but there should be more English news sources specially earthquake and disaster warning systems. Read here -> Not just Free WiFi : Case for multilingual disaster warning systems


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