Asakusa Silk Pudding : Enjoy the choicest pudding in Asakusa

Asakusa, the popular tourist destination has small attractions all around the Nakamise shopping bylanes. Over the years we have tried so many food items, local Japanese restaurants and my personal favourite is a pudding brand Asakusa Silk Pudding a product from Testa Rossa Cafe. Established in the adjacent lane on the left hand side of the Kaminarimon gate it is quite easy to miss, but is a well known place among the locals and I discovered it by chance in one of my visits.Asakusa Silk PuddingThe popular shop sells pudding in Regular silk, Green Tea flavour, Premium silk and other seasonal varieties. It is quite popular and you will need to line up in the afternoon if you visit the shop. I went on a day when two ladies ahead of us were dressed up in beautiful kimonos in full cultural splendour. I could not stop myself from taking this decorative snap…Asakusa Silk PuddingAsakusa Silk Pudding by Testa Rosa Cafe, with its various pudding samples is served in simple plastic cups for the standard version while the premium silk ones are in small and cute porcelain jars. Many tourists can be seen trying the Green Tea Pudding which is a clear cut no-np for my taste. I prefer the Silk pudding any day.Asakusa Silk PuddingYou can either enjoy the pudding at the store with a few chair spread out outside, or can get it packed to be enjoyed back home. They will pack it nicely for you, with the ice pouch set in to maintain the temperature, part of the regular service.Asakusa Silk PuddingThe seasonal puddings : If you visit in the spring you will be lucky when the shop is selling the SAKURA SILK PUDDING a cherry flower flavoured pudding.Asakusa Silk PuddingTrust me, its no gimmick, the flavour is really nice and worth a try….Asakusa Silk PuddingIt is priced at a reasonable 3-4 US dollars and is a famous spot covered many a times on local television shows. Local celebrities and related snaps are advertised outside the shop.
Asakusa Silk PuddingWhen in Japan, you can even order it online (link in Japanese) however, its the experience which one can only get enjoying the pudding in the Asakusa neighborhood. Although the shop has only few seats, you can buy one and take a quick stroll around Asakusa.Asakusa at the twilight hourGOOGLE MAP : Check the location : Its easy to miss it….. Location: 1 Chome-20-2 Asakusa Taitō-ku, Tōkyō-to


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    I discovered your Experience Tokyo – Enjoy the choicest pudding in Asakusa | Experience Tokyo – Travel, Enjoy and Explore page and we tried the same. Our choice is the Premium Silk too.

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