Wonderful Airbnb experience in Japan : 8 benefits of Airbnb

Apple coined the catchphrase “THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT” and truly so. I have been using the taxi hailing app Uber in Paris, London, all cities in US for over two years and the experience still amazes me. I seriously miss Uber in Japan, but, we at least have Airbnb, the alternative to hotels and reasonable accommodations in Japan. Yes, Airbnb has been am amazing thing and I am sharing my last weekend experience herewith.

If you need reasonable/CHEAPER accommodation, a home like experience with cooking facilities, a flexible location of your choice and are OK to take care of yourself without the pampering of hotel staff then Airbnb is totally worth it in Japan. Download Airbnb, by tapping the below logo. You will get a 20 dollar off on your first stay.airbnbSo me and my family have been staying in Japan for over 16 years. We are used to booking hotels in Japan, paying per person room charges and spending significantly on lodging expenses. My daughter had her Rubik Cube competition in Kyoto and we decided to do a Airbnb this time as against a hotel that we have booked in such cases. The Airbnb app is super easy to browse for homes, you can get a share house or rent the full house.
BENEFIT 1 : SUPER CHEAP. We rented a good decent apartment for super cheap 6000 yen a night in Kyoto as below! An entire home at that price in Kyoto is like DREAM!AIRBNB experience in JapanBENEFIT 2 : LOCATION OF OUR CHOICE. We wanted to stay close from the place where the Rubik Cube competition was being held. We got an Airbnb just 10 minutes walk from the location and this was super helpful the next day when we could get up comfortably, no travel and just a quick walk to the venue.
BENEFIT 3 : CROWDSOURCED FEEDBACK : You can check the reviews from users who have stayed with the hosts and that too was super helpful on deciding the place! Ours was rated Superhost and indeed they were good.AIRBNB experience in JapanBENEFIT 4 : COOKING FACILITY and OTHER AMENITIES. We had planned on carrying food cooked from Tokyo and my wife packed us good lunch. We could use all the microwave facility, plus cook by ourselves and not depend on outside food through the trip! THATS A BIG YAY! I always miss that facility in a Hotel room. THANKS Airbnb AIRBNB experience in JapanBENEFIT 5 : Just like home. Good clean apartment with all the amenities. Shower toilet, etc all provided.
AIRBNB experience in JapanThe apartment was well maintained, clean and up to the standards that even for a moment we did not feel like we needed a hotel. You can choose location based on proximity to station and the host gave us all the needful directions that locating it was not much of an hassle. The air conditioner remote also had all ENGLISH translations pasted on the wall. YAY!
AIRBNB experience in JapanBENEFIT 6 : Pocket WiFi across the city, wireless router for all your WiFi needs across the city!!!!!!! Since am a resident of Japan, I do not care for connectivity since I am always ON on my iPhone. But for travelers who do not have connectivity on the road the Airbnb apartments provide for wireless routers at many apartments and this is an awesome WIN for the Airbnb customers! My daughter really liked the apartment and we will use Airbnb for all our Kyoto travels henceforth. We go there so very often…
AIRBNB experience in JapanWe went to do some sight seeing too before and after the competition. The Kinkauji Shrine was just ten minutes by bus from where we stayed and we went early morning. BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY on a SUNDAY.KINKAKUJIBENEFIT 7 : NO CASH HASSLE AT HOTEL REGISTER. The credit card is debited when you check out so no need to carry spare CASH and that experience is like Uber where everything is cashless. A Buddhist Temple next door.  Kyoto AirbnbBENEFIT 8 : OLYMPICS AND ACCOMMODATION. Airbnb has completely changed the landscape for cheap reasonable accommodation in Japan since it launched in 2014. The App economy has transformed our SMART lives and UBER/AIRBNB are just making our lives so much more better. With Olympics closing in, it is a no brainer that Airbnb will be a big component to increase the availability of accommodation in Tokyo.

Two days of awesome experiences and we will come back to Kyoto with Airbnb again. Not only Kyoto, but other locations as well. Next is Kanazawa and we have booked a Airbnb already for a cool 5000 yen! Bye Bye Kyoto.Kyoto TowerThe only small cons we see with AIRBNB are as below
[1] Concierge Service : Since it is standard apartments, do not expect a concierge service like you get in Hotels
[2] Multiple Rooms : If you are travelling in a group, you can get rooms in one hotel while in case of AIRBNB tough to find that type of multiple rooms in one location.

Nevertheless, our family is a HUGE fan of AIRBNB and we foresee using this extensively. Download Airbnb below!

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