Multiple Entry Business Visa for Indians to be extended for 10 year duration

thediplomat_2014-08-22_20-59-44-386x257Some “Acche Din” or “good days” for Indians planning to visit Japan on business.

Nikkei reports that Japanese Prime Minister Abe in his visit with India’s Prime Minister Modi and also the Vietnam premier made some important decisions which will bring convenience on visa matters for people visiting Japan. The Foreign Minister of Japan Mr. Fumio Kishida announced in a press conference today that for citizens of Vietnam and India, who visit Japan for business reasons (Multiple Entry Business Visa), the government has decided to extend the validity period of the visa from the present 5 years to a whopping 10 years!!!

This brings Japan on the same level as the US where B1/B2 visa is provided for a ten year period. It is for the first time that Japanese government has considered this and good to know that India and Vietnam make the first cut.

The primary reason quoted is to bring convenience to conduct business and also to contribute to tourism promotion efforts. The article notes specifically that post the first two visits, the visa can be used for tourism purpose also and not strictly business visit. “数次ビザは2回目以降の入国では観光目的でも使える”. BRILLIANT.

Original Japanese article :

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