Tokyu Plaza Ginza : Kiriko Lounge and Terrace

Tokyo has got a brand new FREE OBSERVATION terrace and lounge. The Tokyu Plaza Ginza. Opened for business on March 31, 2016, Tokyu Plaza Ginza is a brand new department store in the upscale shopping district of Ginza with a brilliant exterior motif of a traditional Japanese craft—Edo Kiriko cut glass.Tokyu Plaza GinzaThe exterior is brilliant piece of glass architecture, and the interior has an equally beautiful look especially the Kiriko lounge and terrace on the 6th and the Roof floor (14th) of the building. The rooftop Kiriko Terrace has a brilliant observation space presenting lush greenery with a café (Sakura No Chaya). Personally the location is the best spot to spend quality time in a refined space unique to Ginza….Tokyu Plaza GinzaThe 6th floor Kiriko Lounge is a brilliant glass interior with high ceilings and open space for exhibition space and plans for holding musical and other events for visitors. Tokyu Plaza GinzaThe shopping space on the 8th and 10th floor is kind of touristy and probably the Chinese tourists are the main target with a duty-free style shopping experience operated by Lotte. Unique was that there is a departures screen listing flights out of Narita Airport !!!!Tokyu Plaza GinzaNow for some views from this department store. First the 6th floor Kiriko Lounge which overlooks the iconic square of Sony Building and the Fujiya building on the opposite side of the road in Yurakucho. Playstation ad on the Sony Building , never seen this top view before of this property.Tokyu Plaza GinzaThe cake and sweets shop Fujiya has been an iconic presence in the Yurakucho Traffic Square, Sukiyabashi. Getting a top down view with the traffic square could have been possible a few years back with a drone only. Now it is possible due to the Kiriko Terrace in the Tokyu Plaza Ginza store.Tokyu Plaza GinzaWe took a time-lapse video of the traffic action in the Sukiyabashi crossing from the Kiriko terrace
Some other snaps inside the store. Delicious sweeeeeets.Tokyu Plaza GinzaBeautiful flowers on sale….Tokyu Plaza GinzaTokyo Metropolitan Expressway view from Kiriko terrace.Tokyu Plaza GinzaEntrance to the Kiriko Terrace.. this new landmark in Ginza is a must see, even if it is just for the view of the shopping district.Tokyu Plaza Ginza

Location is Ginza Station, just take the C2 exit from the station and you land up in the store.

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