Tokyo Station Christmas Illumination

Its that time of the year. The city glows with lights all around and my favourite is the the Marunouchi area around the Tokyo Station. The Tokyo Station since its renovation in 2013 gets a Christmas illumination makeover for 4 days 24-27 December. The weekends get a lot crowded so I visited yesterday on a weekday for a quick look…..

Get down at Tokyo Station and find the Marunouchi Exit…
Marunouchi Street signOnce out on the Marunouchi side, the grand building was already lit up and it was already dark. My plan to take a blue hour shot of the location was completely shot out. Should have reached 30 minutes earlier… nevertheless the regular red brick structure had a complete blue, pink, indigo makeover.Tokyo Station IlluminationThe designer with a European touch Tatsuno Kingo who has designed the original Tokyo Station would be impressed with this makeover. I really like his architecture including the Minato Motomachi Station in Kobe and the Manseibashi at Akihabara. The illumination here at Tokyo Station starts at 17:00 and ends at 20:30. You can enjoy the illumination and also enjoy your time at the Marunouchi Christmas Market or head off to the Marunouchi Nakadoori for the LED light up on the streets. Tokyo Station IlluminationThe below shot was only possible on a weekday. The weekends and days near Christmas, the street is barely walkable.Marunouchi IlluminationI carried a 100 yen Christmas snowman doll with me to the venue and placed it in front of the lights and took a macro snap of the same. Love that kind of a contrast at these locations….
Marunouchi Christmas 2015The unfortunate part : Tokyo Station front is under renovation due to Olympics and the construction activity is a bit of a minus presently. Two years from now, this illumination will the GRAND once the renovation will be complete.Tokyo Station IlluminationLast but not the least, do visit the JP Kitte Tower next to the station and the 7th floor has an awesome view (free access) of the Tokyo Station. The below snap should give you an ideaTokyo Station from JP KITTE TowerLocation : Just Outside the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Exit (South or North)



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