Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi Illumination

Tokyo Skytree illumination has transformed the Oshiage area in these past four years. Every year they come up with beautiful illuminations, with a projection mapping show which has started last year. A wonderful new illumination spot addition to the shitamachi (downtown) area of Tokyo.Tokyo Skytree ChristmasChristmas lights are set all around the Skytree with the fourth floor decks of the Solamachi Mall the primary location for the illumination. Beautiful LEDs on the trees surrounding the Skytree.Tokyo Skytree ChristmasThe illumination starts at 17:00 and continues until late night 23:00.
Christmas at Tokyo SkytreeA timelapse of the Tokyo Skytree before the light-up

Christmas market also on the same floor until the 25th Christmas Day is held on the Solamachi floor. Note that the Christmas market is not available and stalls are all dismantled after the 25th and until the new year only the illumination continues.Christmas at Tokyo SkytreeA few more shots of the illumination which changes every few seconds to varied colors. Grab a coffee from the third floor Tully’s Coffee and enjoy the lights. I could see that there was a long queue of people wanting to go up the elevator to reach the top of the Skytree’s observation deck. The board said 60-90 minute wait, I have not gone up there yet, but want to for sure, one of these days.Tokyo Skytree ChristmasA Christmas tree at the base floor of the Tokyo Skytree.Tokyo Skytree ChristmasEven the coin lockers were having a illumination theme pasted on them. Japan is so convenient with facilities like these coin lockers which are omnipresent all around.Tokyo Skytree ChristmasLED lights all around.
Tokyo Skytree ChristmasTokyo Skytree ChristmasGoing back on the train, the Tokyo Skytree Station is just around. Even the station is beautifully illuminated as part of the celebrations.Tokyo Skytree ChristmasTokyo Skytree ChristmasThe LED curtains at the Tokyo Skytree illumination on the way out. Tokyo Skytree ChristmasA zoomed in snap of the Tokyo Skytree. Tokyo Tower looks great from a distance, but the Skytree can be better appreciated from close by. Awesome and massive structure, huh?Christmas at Tokyo SkytreeA quick last view from the illumination….Tokyo Skytree ChristmasTook one shaky snap (its a reflection in the nearby canal) of the Tokyo Skytree to close the article….Tokyo Skytree Christmas

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