Tokyo Skytree and Hydrangea (Ajisai)

Ajisai or Hydrangea flowers can be found almost anywhere in Tokyo and Japan, on street corners and even footpaths. Summer time flowers of Japan, Ajisai blossoms start in June and last until July. The flowers have a long history in these islands and  many scholars assert that it is indigenous to Japan. The beauty of the flowers is that they flower as a buch and not single flowers like a rose and come in various colors of pinks and whites, lavender and ofcourse the original blue. brought out. On weekend I took a few shots of Tokyo Skytree and Hydrangea/Ajisai combination. IMG_0271Lining up the Sumida River, is a walkway on both the Asakusa side and Skytree side, I took a stroll on the Asakusa side to keep the Skytree in bacground of the flowers.

These Ajisai flowers are not specifically planted or maintained, they were literally growing on the sidewalks. We spotted an original blue color Hydrangea. It was a rather cloudy day, would have looked awesome on a clear day.IMG_0272A few pink Ajisai also were  around. People were busy taking snaps of the tower alone, the flowers were calling for attention, but Hydrangea is not a phenomena like a Cherry blossom so there it lay, neglected in many ways, beautiful nevertheless.IMG_0273The riverside is good for morning and evening walks, less crowds and relatively peaceful, my favorite spot is to stop by the Tullys Coffee Shop overlooking the river and the Skytree in backdropIMG_0274Taking a break by the riverside for a quick coffee, I was wondering what the couple were whispering to each other. 🙂IMG_0275With the evening walk done going back home a quick snap of the Tokyo Skytree
IMG_0270Roadside Hydrangea / Ajisai. The flowers are really ubiquitous in the cities of Japan. You don’t need to specifically go to a park to see the flowers.
IMG_0276I got a chance to go again to Asakusa on a morning for a company meeting the other day and it was a bright sunny morning. Glad to get a few more snaps, here you go…
Hydrangea / Ajisai and Tokyo SkytreeThe thin clouds were really and awesome backdrop.
Hydrangea / Ajisai and Tokyo SkytreeA final panorama shot with Skytree reflections on the Asahi Building on the right. I love Asakusa panorama views…
Asakusa : Skytree reflections in the Asahi Building on the right


  1. Marisa Berani


    Thank you. How beautiful. I will be travelling to Tokyo and Hakone in June to see the Hydrangeas – I so love them. And beginning of July I will be staying in a Hotel close to the Sumida river – I have walked there before and prefer the grey sky to blaring sun. The photo looks so much more dramatic. Good to know, I can have my double espresso fix at Tully’s Coffee.

    • Reply

      Simple and beautiful flowers, so well organized along the river bed makes for a pleasant experience. Have a nice time there with a Tully’s to complement it ??

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