Best Tully’s Coffee Cafe in Tokyo? A Cafe with a view…

What’s so special to write about the cafe chain Tully’s Coffee? So many of them across the town and with the standardized menu you may say… Then we bumped into this Tully’s Coffee Cafe shop in Tokyo and were completely blown by the view it offered!

OK, so now that’s an odd boxed shape Tully’s Coffee Cafe indeed, but then this still does not give insight into what’s so special about it right? Scroll on for details
Tully's Cafe by Sumida River If you have stayed long in Tokyo, maybe this image should now give you a hint of where this Tully’s Coffee Cafe is located… any hints..?
Tully's Cafe by Sumida RiverOK, most of Tokyoite’s would have guessed it by now and in case you are new to this city, this Tully’s Coffee Cafe is located in the famous tourist spot of Asakusa right on the bank of the Sumida River.
The reason why we feel its the best Tully’s Coffee Cafe in town is due to the view that one can get sitting in the cafe. See the below snap and you will realize that it sports a nice view of the iconic new attraction in the town The Tokyo Skytree.
Skytree view from Tully's Coffee Cafe by the Sumida RiverYou have got a direct view of the Tokyo Skytree from cafe and the walkway along the river is retained wide enough for visitors coming around for a stroll.
View of Skytree from the Tully's Coffee Cafe on banks of Sumida RiverThe Sumida-gawa Renaissance Project initiated by the local government and some business establishments is trying to revive the waterfront area alongside the Sumida River. They do that by holding events like the “Symphony of Light” when blue LED lights are released onto the river, and through landscaping and developments along the river banks. The Tully’s Coffee Cafe is one such development from that effort. With the Tokyo skyline undergoing transformation since the arrival of the Tokyo Skytree, the neighborhood is also witnessing more business activity as a positive side effect on the overall local economic front. The cafes are open until 21:00 in the evening. There is one more cafe adjoining to it Cafe Wall For Everyone…
Cafe Wall for everyone at Sumida RiverSnap of the Tully’s Coffee shop from the inside. Around 6 seats are available on the window side facing Tokyo Skytree, but they are mostly occupied. You may have to wait for your turn.
Tully's Coffee Cafe Sumida River interior shotThe area looks awesome in March end when the Sakura Season blossom outside the Tully’s Coffee Cafe by the Sumida River can be enoyed over a cup of coffee.
Sakura Season blossom outside the Tully's Coffee Cafe by the Sumida River


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