The rains continue in Tokyo and temperature still remains cool. That is all set to change with the weekend predicting sunshine and temperatures are set to climb up for summer up to 29 degrees in Tokyo on Sunday.
Midtown is set to host an event of lights “SUMMER LIGHT GARDEN” with a unique first time illumination of around 54000 LED lights.
The event named “SUMMER LIGHT GARDEN” will feature a wall 8 meters tall and 30 meters wide with various patterns of illumination. A blue LED light illumination which will mimic the “cool” water flow, a Hikari Hanabi (Firework) simulation through LED’s and a Niagara Falls LED simulation.

The event will start on 17th of July and continue until 30th of August every evening from 18:30. The illumination will be suspended on a rainy day. The Niagara falls illumination is one which I will certainly look forward to in my visit in a weeks time to Midtown. 54000 LED’s in that green garden space at the backside of the Midtown Complex is quite a good number to allow for illumination art expression. The Firework simulation will be conducted three times every hour. Details in Japanese are here

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