Pet cats and dogs in Kimono wear

Pets in Japan get some real royal treatment in every sphere of life from baby carts, to posh hair salons, pet hotels and even the NEWS coverage. Just today morning there was a news item of a cat stranded on the pillar of a highway bridge unable to make it down covered a full 10 minute slot on morning television news! The cat stranded on the pillar of the expressway for over three days supposedly was hungry but anxious with all the attention she gathered. An extended rescue by the highway authorities and the cat was finally rescued and fed with some pet food. Pretty sure there will be a “what happened after” sequel in the coming week for the cat and coverage again on television.
Cat rescue from express highway pillar covered on Japanese televisionThe Summer season is slowly making its presence felt and the Hanabi (fireworks) festival will see many Japanese walking in the traditional attire “Yukata” in the evenings enjoying the festivities. I was just doing some shopping on Amazon and spotted some pages selling kimono attire for pet cats and dogs and I was surprised to the overall available variety online selling the same. Looking at the images, oh they are so cute…. I think I should own a cat and dress her up like that!
Cat Kimono wearThe dresses are not that expensive (around 50 US Dollars or so, 4000 Japanese Yen), you can check the variety available on here : (iDog アイドッグ ちりめん花星着物 花飾り付き 黒色 DL)
Cat Kimono wearRakuten and Amazon both have multiple sellers with pet kimonos and I believe that Japanese spend some serious cash to decorate their pets. Both sites have solid ratings, with owners also posting their experiences on personal weblogs and social media. Rakuten link (
Cat KimonoI think there is not much needed to be said about these photos, believe they make you feel like owning a pet. Some sellers are also advertising “original – made in Japan”, stressing on the quality of the product and these are priced costlier at 10000 yen or 100 dollars or so. Having a pet means serious cash outflow too, if you decide t pamper on these lines.
Cat Kimono wearIf cats can wear a kimono, why not the pet dogs too? And we found a couple of offerings also tailored for pet dogs, although I think pet cats make a better impact of cuteness in a kimono than a dog. Well just my personal opinion.
Pet Dog in Kimono!Well the White Pomeranian pet dog does look cute in that Kimono though.
Pet Dog in Kimono!but, I am not so sure about every pet dog that is listed by Rakuten and Amazon. The bull dog looks physically strong and somehow the docile kimono gives an interesting contrast….
Pet Dog in Kimono!With all the kimono cuteness of the pets, though these are more of new year attire, do try to spot a yukata (summer time Japanese dress) at fireworks festival this season if you are in Japan!
Pet Dog in Kimono!

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