Tokyo is ranked at top by Monocle Magazine 2015 Quality of Life survey

Rankings and surveys are always controversial. Subjective views and perceptions in a connected world make it tougher to define the measure for defining “livable” index of cities.

As per Monocle Magazine 2015, Tokyo is the best city in the world, on the livable index. Me a resident of Tokyo, I love the rhythm and the fast pace of the metropolis. It retains a distinct cultural backdrop while being a modern city competitive in the global scheme of things.

On the weekend I shot the below image at Asakusa near the culturally important Sumida River, my favorite spot since 2011 when the Skytree changed the Asakusa skyline for ever.
Asakusa blue hourComparing the image to the one I took 12 years back, there was no Skytree! The city is progressing, getting more modern, cheaper in some aspects and costlier in other aspects, and a lot more livable with infrastructure getting better every year. Olympics will see further modernization and agree with Monocle’s ranking although I also feel it is a bit over populated now..
The other cities are as below. I would have loved to see Kobe in there. Nevertheless, like the city of Tokyo, the speed and the experience. That’s what is my site’s name too : “experiencetokyo”
2 Vienna
3 Berlin
4 Melbourne
5 Sydney
6 Stockholm
7 Vancouver
8 Helsinki
9 Munich
10 Zurich/Copenhagen
12 Fukuoka
13 Singapore
14 Kyoto
15 Paris
16 Madrid
17 Auckland
18 Lisbon
19 Hong Kong
20 Amsterdam
21 Hamburg
22 Geneva
23 Oslo
24 Barcelona
25 Portland

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