Super Mario to make a debut on Tower Records Cafe menu (JUNE 22 – JULY 05)

In today’s world of streaming music and iTunes, Japan still has audience hooked to buying Audio CD’s and DVD’s. Companies like Tower Records, use collectors items, promotional goods to keep consumers wanting to own a physical piece of the music action than a digital only download which is less tangible.

Tower Records is collaborating with Nintendo in their 30th Anniversary year for Super Mario franchise to launch a campaign “limited edition Super Mario Bros. x Tower Records Cafe” event going on between June 22 and and July 5.  Tower Records Cafe’s are located in Shibuya, Omotesando, and Ebisu and they will sport a special menu of character-themed dishes during this period. I collect anything Mario, so along with the Cafe items which can be ordered individually (tanpin) or a set, you’ll receive one of eight limited edition 2.5-dimensional figures and/or one of six limited edition coasters!!

All images here are copyright of Tower records and you can check the original article in Japanese here.

cafe_tokutenLooking at the menu, trying to see what each cafe has and the menu is pretty different at each cafe.

MY CHOICE : Shibuya Tower Records Cafe

The best menu. Although not so attractive Blooper’s Squid Ink Pasta we would certainly look out for Banana Block Tira Misu with a question mark painted on top of it, the Mario Latte with the character drawn on top of it and last but not the least a drink which resembles the underwater action in Super Mario, The Underwater Stage Drink!!!! Wow!shibuyacafemario

OK : Omotensando Tower Records Cafe

Omotesando has a main attraction with the star which makes you super invincible, Super Star Rice Omelet, a less impressive Ground Stage Waffle, Mario Latte with the character drawn on top of it and a Piranha Plant Soda which we will stay away from

WHATEVER : Ebisu Tower Records Cafe

I am not sure, if this menu is any exciting, but then again, Bowser’s Taco Rice, Peach Panna Cotta, Bowser’s Castle Drink, I think the dessert alone stands out, rest all I would pass off, don’t care.


  1. Lisa Dijksterhuis



    I saw you’re collecting Mario. I collect Mario as well and the only figure I need is Blooper to complete my set. Could you please help me get him? Thank you!

    Kind regards,

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