Peeing Boy Statue 2015 : Four Season dressup of Mannekin Pis

Tokyo is full of big and small surprises and we were caught by one such surprise at the JR Hamamtsucho Station a few days back. If you sit in the first compartment of the Yamanote Line going towards Shibuya, you can spot the Peeing Boy Statue on the Hamamtsucho Station Platform (Platform number 3). Named 小便小僧 Shoumben Koushou a detailed

Peeing Boy Statue gets ready for summer

For the complete information and photos on the Peeing Boy Statue, see The article here…. The Peeing Boy Statue at JR Hamamatsucho Station has very interesting dress ups and now he is ready for summer too! Shorts, Half T-Shirts, sun cap, sunflower! in his hand…. The cute boy used to have Sakura flowers in his

Koinobori or Carp Streamers across Tokyo – Tokyo Tower, Asakusa, Hamamatsucho

The birth rate in Japan is said to be at a record low and the government, media, society frequently discuss this issue but with not much success. Economic difficulties, less societal support structures (day care etc.) etc. contribute to the problem… Japan has been historically celebrating Children’s day wishing healthy and strong growth for kids,

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