Autumn Colors @Japan’s National Diet Building – Kokkai Gijidou

Autumn sky in Japan implies CLEAR and BLUE skies. They are called as Aki-bare, 秋晴れ. Mornings start with early sunrise and sunset by 05:00 p.m. It is one of the best seasons to capture HDR shots with thin cloud layers in early morning of blue hour photography in early evenings. The autumn colors add the overall colorful ambience to photographs during this period. Here is a photo shoot done in HDR at the National Diet Building near Kokkai Gijidou Mae Station in Tokyo.HDR Autumn snaps near National Diet Building in Tokyo. Kokkai GijidouThe National Diet building was off limits on a early morning this week when I went there at 06:00 types, but there was good sunshine coming in from the left side illuminating the premises with beautiful thin clouds in the sky. This is ideal for a HDR shot. The road leading to the National Diet Building is lined with beautiful Ginkgo Biloba trees, the leaves of which turn yellow in autumn. Called as “Ichou”, the trees blossom by last half of November and this week the status was full colors…Japan's National Diet BuildingThe National Diet Building itself had very few visitors that early morning with a lone patrol car as always guarding the entrance. Some other visitors were at the gate peeping in from the iron gate in front.Autumn colors near the National Diet of JapanThe trees had not only changed colors, but there were also leaves which had fallen on the street and already the streets were lined up with beautiful carpet of leaves. If you go after the afternoon mostly the leaves are cleared by the metropolitan staff on a daily basis so you need to catch the fallen leaves only in the early mornings.HDR Autumn snaps near National Diet Building in Tokyo. Kokkai GijidouPeople tend to crowd locations like Meiji Gaien Outer Garden, Ueno Park and other locations for fall leaves, but all these locations end up being crowded that the “serene” aspect is somehow lost and I usually have been strolling at this location at least once per season. Japan's National Diet BuildingThe yellow contrast  with the Diet Building in the background. Natural beauty contrasted with architectural beauty.Japan's National Diet Building Kokkai GijidouNotice the lack of visitors in the lanes around the Kokkai Gijidou and the peaceful streets with yellow colors.Japan's National Diet BuildingLocation of the street where there are at least 80-100 trees with the best season to visit last week of November. Access from the Tokyo Metro Kokkai Gijidou Mae Station on the Marunouchi Line.

Beautiful morning, one more shot….
Japan's National Diet BuildingCollected a few Ginkgo Biloba nuts, yes the quite smelly nuts which are inedible but have been gathering attention on being having medicinal benefits. They have been said to help with controlling and stabilising blood sugar levels which is something a Gingko Biloba tree that can live for 1000 years has to offer to us. Hopefully more research in this direction brings some new treatments. It also has other medicinal benefits. I regularly pick the DHC variety. DHC イチョウ葉 20日分 60粒
HDR Autumn snaps near National Diet Building in Tokyo. Kokkai GijidouOne final shot, hope you find a new spot in the city and experience Tokyo sutumn in a serene environment.Japan's National Diet Building

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