Tokyo Events : July 2023

Asakusa Awa Odori (Saturday, July 1st, 2023): The Asakusa Awa Odori is a vibrant traditional dance festival held in Tokyo’s Asakusa district. After a 14-year hiatus, the festival returns with ten groups of dancers, including the local team Asakusa Thunder Ren, captivating audiences with energetic performances and colorful costumes. The event will take place in

Sembikiya, Luxury Fruit Parlor : $200 Mango, $30 Parfaits

Oh, mangoes! As an Indian, the mere thought of those golden fruits evokes a whirlwind of memories and sensations. They are nature’s gift, a tropical delight that has the power to transport me to sun-kissed beaches in the western India which is the home of Alphonso Mangoes. The fruit is a culinary experience that sets

Neglected Hydrangea Spot : Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi

Hydrangea flower or Ajisai spots in Tokyo bring up the usual recommendations like Asukayama Park, Asakusa Sumida River Bank or even out of the city spots like Kamakura. If I was to say that Hydrangea blossoms in Midtown are also a place to visit, you may not believe it. I too accidentally discovered the blossoms

Captivating Port Tower Kobe: Felissimo To Relaunch The Hyperbolic Tower in Spring 2024

Step into the enchanting world of Port Tower Kobe, a symbol of resilience and transformation. As this iconic landmark undergoes renovations, it promises an even more captivating experience for visitors. Picture yourself entering the tower’s low-rise 1st-floor entrance, a precursor to the new Port Tower Kobe experience that awaits you. The journey continues as you ascend through five floors of observation decks, offering breathtaking panoramic views of Kobe Harbor, the city skyline, and the majestic mountains beyond.

One of the highlights of the tower is the upcoming addition of a rare “rotating floor” concept on the 3rd floor. Here, the Merry-Go-Round Café & Bar will welcome guests to indulge in delicious treats while immersing themselves in the design city of Kobe, as the floor slowly revolves, revealing ever-changing vistas.

On the 5th floor, a new gem awaits: the “Brilliance Museum – Museum of Light.” Step into a world where the radiant brilliance of Port Tower Kobe is beautifully expressed through captivating artworks themed around light. Immerse yourself in a symphony of colors and forms that celebrate the tower’s shimmering presence.

But the transformations don’t stop at the tower itself. The surrounding area is set to become a hub of joy and excitement, creating a stage for countless smiles. Be prepared for a vibrant zone that amplifies the high spirits of visitors, with a lineup of engaging events and activities that will elevate your experience to new heights.

As Port Tower Kobe embraces change, it invites you to join in its journey of renewal and discovery. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning enthusiast, the tower promises to captivate your senses and leave an indelible mark on your memories. Get ready to witness the evolution of this beloved landmark and embark on a truly unforgettable adventure.

Asukayama Park: A Heaven of Hydrangea and Passing Trains

Although I am happy to be born in 21st century with all the comforts todays modern world offers, anytime I come across a Ukiyo-e painting, I have this desire for simplicity or escapism, and the allure of a bygone era. Just look at the brilliant piece by Utagawa Hiroshige of the Asukayama Park with a

Takashimaya in Tokyo unveils a display featuring artifacts associated with the Imperial Couple

The wedding of Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako was a momentous occasion that captivated the hearts of the Japanese people and garnered international attention. As the Rolls-Royce Corniche made its way through the streets of Tokyo, adorned with delicate floral arrangements and ribbons, it symbolized the blending of tradition and modernity. The Chrysanthemum motif, a national symbol of Japan, graced the car, adding a touch of regal elegance and cultural significance to the procession. The royal wedding became a celebration of love and royalty, embodying the essence of Japanese tradition and the promising dawn of a new era for the imperial family.

Slow Motion : Mount Fuji and Shinkansen from the Fields of Shin-Fuji City

In the heart of Shin-Fuji City lies a world of captivating beauty waiting to be discovered. As the gentle breeze carries the scent of blooming flowers, one can’t help but feel a sense of tranquility wash over them. The expansive fields, stretching as far as the eye can see, create a serene backdrop for an encounter with Mount Fuji—the majestic icon that stands tall in the distance. And amidst this picturesque setting, the Shinkansen gracefully glides along its tracks, a testament to Japan’s technological prowess. It’s a symphony of nature and innovation, an experience that leaves a lasting impression on the soul. Come, join us on this remarkable journey and let the magic of Shin-Fuji City capture your heart.

Capturing Magic:Anime Figure Photography at Sumida River, Asakusa, Amidst Hydrangea Blossoms

The enchanting world of anime figures comes to life against the backdrop of Sumida River in Asakusa, Tokyo. As the delicate petals of hydrangea blossoms unfurl, this picturesque location becomes a haven for photographers and enthusiasts eager to capture the synergy of nature, art, and pop culture. Visit this location in the month of June

Kawazu Cherry Blossoms: Springtime Delight

The arrival of spring is always a highly anticipated event in Japan, as the country’s landscapes are transformed into a kaleidoscope of colors and fragrances. One of the most beloved signs of spring is the blooming of cherry blossom trees, or sakura in Japanese. While most people are familiar with the iconic pink-and-white cherry blossoms

Rare Kamakura Summer Night Illuminations 2017

Kamakura, the famous tourism spot in Kanagawa Ken near Tokyo was my first day long trip in 1998. I was fascinated by the huge Buddha statue in deep meditation on an open ground and have been visiting this place at least once a year. BUT, IT WAS ALWAYS IN THE DAY TIME and I have

Experiencing the Pikachu Outbreak Festival : Catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Go!!!!

Age 42, I have a social circle who think of me as either “dumb” or “cool” playing Pokemon Go depending on whether they themselves do. For me the logic is simple and clear, this game has been singularly responsible to help me drop my weight from 67 to 59 kilos and maintain myself at that

Beautiful satellite cities : Kobe and Yokohama

Uncomfortable in crowded and busy megapolis like Tokyo or Osaka but equally not comfortable with too much interior slow life of Japan? If you are looking for something in between where it is not too grand and not too desolate in Japan, the cities of Yokohama and Kobe might be what you are looking for.

2017 Cherry Blossom Forecast : Tokyo MARCH 25 – APRIL 02!

Its a cold winter 2017 and I am already looking out for the cherry blossoms. and WeatherMap announced the Cherry Blossom Forecast WEATHERMAP : Blossoms are predicted to start on March 26 in Tokyo and it should be roughly until the first week of April that one can experience the flowers in the metropolis…. WeatherMap predicts

Ashok Stambha (Pillar) at the panoramic cutting edge of Chiba

This article is about Nokogiri in Chiba, but lets take a small tour into India’s history.. In todays global scheme of things, internet technology has established an effective line for communication and collaboration, which is critical for virtual teams to establish governance, control structures to help blend local talent and execution in regions and gently blend

Beautiful Sankeien Gardens in Kanagawa (Yokohama)

Sankei-en Gardens has been on my autumn or the spring to-do-list for a long time. Known for its beautiful colourful autumn light up in the night, it is one of the most beautiful garden around the Yokohama area in Kanagawa Prefecture. It belonged to a silk trader, Tomitaro Hara, and is designated as one of

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