Captivating Port Tower Kobe: Felissimo To Relaunch The Hyperbolic Tower in Spring 2024

I remember my first visit to the port city of Kobe in 2008. A small city compared to Tokyo, it’s a beautiful and scenic city with ten minutes walk to the sea front and also a 10 minute walk to the mountain side. The identity of the city, Kobe Port Tower, has an attractive hyperbolic design, a revolving restaurant at the top, making it one of the favorite date spots in the city.


The Port Tower is presently undergoing renewal work and Felissimo a lifestyle products company based in the city is curiously working on reworking the experiences inside the facility.

Felissimo will supposedly operate the five floors of the observatory, the rooftop floor that can be entered for the first time!  In preparation for the opening of Kobe Port Tower in the spring of 2024, which marks the 60th anniversary, “Kobe Port Tower” will provide new experiences which Felissimo is promising will engage all the five human senses (hopefully no marketing fluff, but I would love to really see this experience, if true). The proposed experiences are something like below. All are images provided on the Felissimo site. Seems the Port Tower will get a digital facelift!

Some examples of the proposed renewals are as below

【Example 1】Felissimo is planning a spatial configuration that allows you to enjoy the anticipation of a new “Port Tower Kobe experience,” including a low-rise 1st-floor entrance leading to 5 floors of observation decks.

【Example 2】On the 3rd floor observation deck, they will open the Merry-Go-Round Café & Bar, utilizing a rare “rotating floor” concept in Japan, where visitors can savor the entire design city of Kobe while enjoying the view. I have personally experienced this the Merry-Go-Round Café & Bar where I have always enjoyed delicious treats while immersing myself in the design city of Kobe, as the floor slowly revolves, revealing ever-changing vistas. I cannot wait to see what they will rework here in the already awesome experience which was available

【Example 3】On the 5th floor observation deck, Felissimo will open the “Brilliance Museum – Museum of Light,” expressing the radiant brilliance of Port Tower Kobe, showcasing artworks themed around light.

【Example 4】A zone that enhances the excitement of visitors to the tower, we plan various events and activities, on the top floor, which was never accessible until now. Cannot wait…

Although the details are hazy to be honest, Felissimo says that they will tease more content as the plan progressed through 2023.

Till this renewal progresses, I can certainly recommend to still vita this location. That’s thanks to the surrounding atmosphere of Meriken Park. Find a cozy spot to sit, enjoy a leisurely stroll, or savor a delightful picnic while immersing yourself in the tranquility of the park. It’s a perfect place to unwind and connect with the soul of Kobe. If you take a bicycle, rent it at a hotel or a service, a quick ride will be one for memories sake.

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