Tokyo Events : July 2023

Asakusa Awa Odori (Saturday, July 1st, 2023): The Asakusa Awa Odori is a vibrant traditional dance festival held in Tokyo’s Asakusa district. After a 14-year hiatus, the festival returns with ten groups of dancers, including the local team Asakusa Thunder Ren, captivating audiences with energetic performances and colorful costumes. The event will take place in the atmospheric Asakusa Yokocho & Asakusa Rokku Broadway

Arabian Festival (July 1st – July 2nd, 2023): Yoyogi Park will host the Arabian Festival, showcasing the richness of Arabian cultures across the Middle East and North Africa. The festival features belly dancing performances, a shisha competition, and a market area where attendees can explore and purchase handicrafts and unique items. Entry to the festival is free

Miraikan Anniversary Free Admission Day (July 9th, 2023): Tokyo Miraikan, a science and technology museum, celebrates its anniversary by offering free admission to all visitors. It’s a great opportunity to explore the exhibits and marvel at modern technology.

Since July is the entry to the summer side, firework festivals, which have been silent due to COVID, will be back. Here are a few which will be back with a “bang”

Katsushika Noryo Fireworks Festival:

  • Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2023
  • Time: 19:20-20:30
  • Venue: Katsushika Ward Shibamata Ballpark (Edogawa Riverbed)
  • This festival is one of Tokyo’s historic fireworks festivals, and it has been held since 1953. In 2023, it will be held for the first time in four years, featuring about 20,000 shots of fireworks.

Sumida River Fireworks Festival:

  • Date: Saturday, July 29, 2023
  • Time: 19:00-20:30 (First venue 19:00-, Second venue 19:30-)
  • Venue: First venue – Downstream of Sakurabashi Bridge and upstream of Kototoibashi Bridge, Second venue – From downstream of Komagata Bridge
  • The Sumida River Fireworks Festival has a long history, dating back to the Edo period. It originated as a way to pray for the souls of famine victims and ward off epidemics. The festival features a spectacular display of fireworks along the Sumida River. It’s a popular event that attracts a large number of spectators

Enoshima Tenno Festival: This festival showcases mikoshi (portable shrines) that are dipped into the sea, adding a unique element to the traditional event

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