HOW TO : Connect to free WiFi on Tokyo Metro / Toei Lines

The number one ask from tourists coming to Japan has always been ease of connectivity to WiFi spots across the city. Primarily to connect to internet and access travel related information tourists had to contend with long subscription processes or sometimes non availability of a carrier contract in Japan, left isolated with no connectivity. Starting December 1, 2014, 143 stations on the Toei line and Tokyo Metro Lines will get a free WiFi Spot called “Japan Connected―free Wi―Fi” which will allow a connection time of over 3 hours. You can connect any number of times in that time period. Hopefully the registration screen will be in English/Chinese/Korean and other major languages, else it defeats the basic purpose of a hassle free connectivity. Hopefully this system matures over the years as we reach Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics and will offer the best connectivity that one can expect in a 21st century megalopolis.


  • BEFORE YOU COME TO JAPAN : Download the App Japan Connected free Wi-Fi before you travel to Japan on your smartphone/tablet
Japan Connected-free wi-fi app

Japan Connected-free wi-fi app

  • BEFORE YOU COME TO JAPAN : Do the one time registration and register your eMail address

Initiate the app

  • Enter your details of eMail, Name, Gender and Terms of agreement and submit



  • Use the Turn WiFi ON help and find the spot Japan Connected―free Wi―Fi


The Metro Stations we confirmed are showing the SSID’s (connection points) as below two Metro_Free_Wi-Fi and Toei_Subway_Free_Wi-Fi

HOW TO : Connect to free WiFi on Tokyo Metro / Toei Lines

  • If connection OK, it should show Wi-Fi in red color as below


  •  Connecting to the spot should show all Wi-Fi, SSID as OK with the check mark (see below)HOW TO : Connect to free WiFi on Tokyo Metro / Toei Lines



  • You will get the below message once you have connected to go connect to the internet

HOW TO : Connect to free WiFi on Tokyo Metro / Toei Lines


  • The final thank you screen

HOW TO : Connect to free WiFi on Tokyo Metro / Toei Lines

  • Additional Wi-Fi spot information can be accessed from within the App on the HELP screen and this is very helpful that they have it all in ENGLISH!


The HELP system is pretty much self explanatory and you can use the same offline when in connection trouble without depending on network, would be stupid if you need to connect to understand why you cannot connect, right?!


Kindly let us know your experiences here and we will be more than happy to update the article content to make sure this is helpful to as many people possible.



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  3. Abby


    They need to make the default page in English and not Japanese when logging in to the WiFi spot

    • Manish


      Abby, yes that makes sense, depending on the number of tourists coming in from China, it maybe better in Chinese too 🙂 ?
      We would prefer a Language selection page right in the center with big icons in each language rather than a Japanese page.

  4. Sammy


    Thanks, I connected. I also tried out the Narita Free Wifi and it was super easy to connect too

  5. Melanie


    They should make the first page in English and keep a Japanese option on top right. Still, better to have this than nothing.

  6. Shantilal Kenia


    Hi Manish, your information pages are indeed very helpful and informative and I was amazed at the information you have put together. It was indeed very helpful. I hope you are still in Japan.
    We are 3 Jain couples, from USA, thinking about visiting Japan as a tourist some time in late September, early October 2017 for about 15 days . I will like your advice whether this would be reasonable time period to visit Japan and I would like if you can help me what are must places I should visit – and we are all vegetarians, so your suggestions regarding diet will also help.

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