Haunted in Tokyo : The Third Daiba Gardens

Ghosts? Haunted locations in Tokyo, Yep if you are interested in visiting a haunted place in Tokyo, according to the local internet forums the Third Daiba Gardens at Odaiba is the place to visit! See the night time video taken on an iPhone 4 by an enthusiast looking for a rendezvous with the ghosts in Tokyo…

Ok, now to be fair, we do not believe in ghosts but also are not adventurous enough to go at night time and check for any ghosts there. We rather like this garden for our morning jog on the weekends and following is a photo story with day time shots. Here we go!

An aerial view of the Third Daiba Gardens while walking over the Rainbow Bridge promenade which directly connects to the Third Daiba Park
The Third Daiba as seen from the Rainbow Bridge WalkwayThe Third Daiba Gardens are a small island-like structures on the waterfront between the Decks Tokyo Beach and the Rainbow Bridge. It is actually a national historical landmark, one of the many man-made islands erected in the mid nineteen century, serving as a fortress to protect from foreign ships getting too close to the city of Tokyo. The canon ruins at The Third Daiba, or Daiba Park, with the majestic Rainbow Bridge in the background as seen below
Canon ruins at the Third DaibaThe Third Daiba has been a great find, with the ruins of the fortress still in place, including canons used for defense. The views of the bridge and other Odaiba landmarks from here are simply beautiful! Backside of The Third Daiba, a panoramic view of the Rainbow Bridge and the city of Tokyo in the background. You can also see Tokyo Tower between the two large columns of the bridge.
Third Daiba Gardens with the Rainbow Bridge viewThe Third Daiba is quite a popular area and you can see joggers and pet owners going there for a run or stroll in the morning.
Third DaibaThe haunted element is in the ruins of the garden, as seen in the the bunker in the ruins of The Third Daiba. Nature has reclaimed a lot of it and there is no chance of venturing to explore it in any way.
Third Daiba bunker ruinsStone steps which lead to the open ground of The Third Daiba and for a moment you forget that you are just a few minutes walk away from modern infrastructure of driverless trains of Yurikamome or the shopping malls of Odaiba.
Third Daiba GardensOne more nice shot from the open grounds of the garden : The Fuji TV Building of Odaiba as seen from the ruins of The Third Daiba.
Third DaibaAs we already informed you, If you check the Japanese blogs on the internet relating to The Third Daiba, it says that there have been ghost sightings at night. Even if we do not believe that, but then again you have been warned! There is very less lighting in the park at night, nearly dark… so..
Third DaibaThe access map sign at the entrance to The Third Daiba.
Third Daiba Access Route Map


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