Discover India in Japan : Kobe Jain Temple in Kitano-cho

We are taking a break from Tokyo and introducing you some Indian footprints in a southern city of Japan, KOBE.

As per the textbook definition of what I learned back in India, Tirthankar, in Jainism is  a sage of the highest order, whose wisdom bridges the material world with the spiritual world. There are supposedly 24 Tithankar’s and Mahaveer was the last of the Tirthankar who for twelve and a half years practiced intense meditation and severe penance, after which he achieved Kevala Jnana or enlightenment.

Kobe had many foreign settlements in the late 19th century in Kitano-cho, Kobe, popularly known as ijinkan (foreigners’ residences). They are usually associated with Western style residences; but in the 20th century the Asian including the Indian influence in this neighborhood has been on the rise. The Kobe Mosque shows some Islamic influence from India, as does the Kobe Jain Temple nearby. The beautiful temple is located the very quiet neighborhood of Kitanozaka, Kitanocho the area well frequented by tourists. The temple used to be a daily visit when I stayed in this neighborhood and would visit it before I walked down to my office in Sannomiya.

imageThe local Indian influence of the mostly second and third generation Indians settled here and mostly belonging to the Jainism faith of Central India is visible in form of this temple. The Indians in Kobe are mostly pearl and diamond traders as against the majority IT engineers or cooks in Tokyo. Mnay of this community are Jain followers and no doubt that this community has invested in creating their belief system in the neighborhood. The second floor has the idol of Bhagwaan Mahaveer. If I split the name Maha-veer in Sanskrit, it gives the context of “great” and “warrior”, but mahaveer is usually associated with his thirty years teachings based on ahimsa, satya, asteya, brahmacharya. Interesting name. The Indian ambiance in a real temple in Japan, You can sit on this floor, offer prayer and meditate.
DSC01832The temple is built out of marble and the architectural detail of the temple is extraordinary. Entrance is encrusted with tiny elephant sculptures, and it actually looks like a mini-Angkor Wat.
DSC06950The doors and the windows are also elaborately designed. You can spend quite some time here just watching the architectural beauty.
DSC08734 StitchCollect a copy which describes the history of the Temple and the teachings of the Mahaveer written in detail in both English and Japanese for free at the temple, just near the entrance. Just the memory of my education, the Tirthankara is a silent one with no clothes, has no possessions yet has the maximum impact. He transforms people from within unlike the Jain definitions of Vasudeva (fighter) or Chakravarti (rule enforcer) so that, even in his absence, without the aid of any law, humans become gentler and more compassionate. The Tirthankara is therefore the most revered of the Shalakapurushas, and the teachings in the book make for a beautiful philosophical reading in the serene neighborhood.
imageKobe Jain Temple was opened on June 1st in 1985, when the Indian community in the city of Kobe was at its peak. The trust which maintains the temple, Jain Sangh of Kobe, consists of members from the local Indian business community.
DSC02643Beautiful flowers at the entrance to the temple. Remember to remove your footwear before entering. There is a sign which will remind you of the same too. On entering the aroma of the incense sticks and the camphor add to the overall mood of “being in India”.
imageThe staff at the temple is very courteous and they also share a lot of history of the temple. The structure is beautiful, made from sand stone and white marble, and the idol of Bhagwan Mahaveer was specially flown in from Mumbai, India, in the year 1984. The Indian community in Tokyo picked up volumes in these past two decades while in Kobe the Indian community now in its third and more generations are a breed apart which you can see in terms of the long term investments made like the one in the temple here in one of the most posh and plush locations of Kobe.
DSC02106The temple is covered in all the major tourism material we know of and is a must visit spot if you happen to go to Kobe
Kobe Kitanocho Jain Temple covered in major tourism leafletsThe maps list in right in the center as seen in the below leaflet. Conveniently located 10 minutes walk from the Shin Kobe Shinkansen Station.
Kobe Kitanocho Jain Temple covered in major tourism leaflets
The India club is in the same neighborhood, which was founded in 1904… Its nearly 100 years old. I have enjoyed the cricket club matches which you can view on the large screen in this facility if you know a few friends who can get you the entry. Watched the 2011 Cricket World Cup which India won from this place…
India Club Kobe Kitanocho


    • Manish Prabhune


      Thanks Nikhil, yup its really nice to see that footprint… Hope you too visit someday..

    • Manish Prabhune


      Bala, thanks!!
      Make sure you also visit the Kobe Mosque and Gurudwara also in close vicinity. I know you like such spots…

  1. Alpa Shah


    We want to visit Jain Temple around April20-22. We are visiting from Chicago, USA. Can you tell me the Temple hours so that we can have a darsan? Also if you know of someone who could let us dine at India Club. Thanks.

  2. jeegar


    Thanks Manish for nice article and information about the Jain Temple.

    we are visiting Osaka in late May and are thinking about going Kobe for a day to see the temple.


    • Reply

      Welcome Jeegar and hope you have a nice time in my favorite city in Japan. You may want to
      enjoy the waterfalls just 10 min walk behind the bullet train station of Shin Kobe……

  3. Reply

    Jai Jinendra,

    We are visiting Tokyo from April 24 thru 27 2018. Could you provide President or Secretary of jain sangh’s email or whatsap cell numbers.

    My name : Dr. Mahendra H. Udani, email: or whatsap cell number: 407-717-9712. I live in Orlando, Florida, USA

    Thank you very much.


  4. Ashish Shah


    Hi, I am in Kobe and going to stay here for the next entire year. Currently I am staying in a hotel as I just arrived here in last week of November. I want to know good apartment or place to stay for long duration. I checked at Leo Palace 21 and the apartments are all occupied. Can you help with similar kind of places to stay for long duration?

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