Haneda Airport Shrine : Pray before you fly….

If you are at Haneda Airport to go on a business trip, vacation or other reasons and want to take divine blessings, this post is for you…. The Haneda Airport has a Shinto Shrine to offer prayers, a small place in the airport premises itself. The other day onwards to London I got on to a Monorail from Hamamatsucho, a bright and a clear day..Haneda Airport - Monorail and Mount FujiOnce at the terminal, I got to the glass covered observation space at the international terminal and peeped outside to catch the Mount Fuji in distance with the Tokyo Monorail in the foreground. A fresh day, nice weather to fly…. Reading the floor map, I understood that the shrine was in the Terminal 1. Checked in the luggage and went to the terminal to visit the Haneda Airport Shrine.Haneda Airport - Monorail and Mount FujiThe location proved quite difficult to reach to. Ask for BUSINESS COURT at the information counter of Terminal 1 and you will be directed to the below location. Just on the left side of the Business Court you will find the sign leading to a dental clinic and the Shinto Shrine, which is the Haneda Airport Shrine.Haneda Airport ShrineGoing through the walkway, you will reach the below location which is a small but elegant shrine in the Shinto Format at the airport. Not in this picture, but a group of travelers from Korea were already there praying before their flights.Haneda Airport ShrineHaneda Airport made me stop wandering through the airport and slow down for a minute. A pleasant and peaceful place, adorned with beauty and accented with words of wisdom, those that walk through should easily sense the serenity that this shrine offers amidst the hustle and bustle of the airport. This is well worth visiting, if but for a moment.
Haneda Airport ShrineHaneda Kuukou Jinjya, the Airport Shrine sign at the entrance.Haneda Airport ShrineAlbeit a small room, it is reasonably well maintained. Time to pray… I am reflecting in the mirror of the Shrine structure in the center…. A few others joined in too. Haneda Airport ShrineA brief background on the Haneda Airport Shrine including the May 20th annual festival which is held at the shrine. The history says that the shrine was located here on Showa 38 that is 1963! Wow its quite an old presence in a relatively modern airport which still feels “new”. Haneda Airport ShrineChristmas celebrations at the terminal as taken from the top floor near the observation decks… Well not to forget that I have come to fly out to London…Haneda Airport ShrineStopped by the rest room near my terminal and noticed this rather unique wash basin where you can wash hands and then just move them sideways to the nozzles from where dry hot air will blow out and your hands will be warm and dry! NICE.Haneda Airport ShrineAll things done, got on the flight and BON VOYAGE to me myself. Hope my trip is successful after praying for success at the Shinto Haneda Airport Shrine. The flight is on time and am on my way. So long…. The Mount Fuji in the distance immediately after the take off, beautiful sight….Haneda Takeoff, Mount Fuji view

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