Fuchiko on a cup : Valentine’s Day collection

I remembers my first visit to Yamashiroya in 2002… and have been visiting once a while to this kids store like Kiddyland with crazy things to buy. This should be added to anyones bucket list of places to shop at in Tokyo. I have bought the Fuchiko and other character goods from capsule dispensing vending machines here for a long time. It occupies a small building just in front of Ueno Station with six floors of toys, figures, model kits, character goods, stuffies, and games.
Fuchiko on a CupNoticed at the entrance the capsule dispenser and checked the Fuchi-ko collection. The figure manufacturer Kitan Club, has a new  series “Fuchi-ko Heart chocolate Cup” specially with the Valentine’s Day celebration coming up soon! CUTE….. The roaring success that Fuchi-ko is already, no wonder positioning with festivities like Valentine’s Day and stuff, Fuchiko should see further success….Fuchiko on a CupIn all six characters with price at 300 yen (3 dollars or so), a bit higher than the regular 200 yen standard series. Worth it! Its popular with tourists from foreign countries and they also have a “Please put in three 100-yen coins” message at the top….Fuchiko on a CupI bought four pieces there on the spot, but alas could not get the RED heart Fuchiko and had to settle for the blue heart version. Placed her on my Starbucks cup back home. Ahhhh. cute to say the least.Fuchiko on a cup
Outside of Japan, you can buy it from below link (Cup no Fuchiko Heart Chocolate)
Cup no Fuchiko Heart Chocolate
In Japan, you can buy them online too here. All 6 at around 15 dollars(カプセル コップのフチに舞い降りた恋の女神 コップのフチ子 ハートチョコ 全6種セット).

On the way back, saw these Akiba Kart guys around the Ueno Station corner enjoying a ride through the Tokyo streets. Grrrr I wanna try this, always something higher on priority keeps popping up.Fuchiko on a Cup

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