Get your Tokyo Station 100th anniversary SUICA!!


Tokyo Station 100 Year Anniversary Card

UPDATE FEBRUARY 17, 2015 : Over 4.99 million orders for SUICA cards, will take over a year for delivery in phases!!!

UPDATE : Jan 30, 2015 : we have booked our two SUICA cards. Order can be maximum 3 cards per application.

Completed application for JR SUICA - 100th anniversary of Tokyo Station

Completed application for SUICA card

The Yamanote train as we saw on the 1st of December 2014 at Osaki Station had this sticker pasted on its door 1914 – 2014 commemorating the 100 years of operation of the Tokyo Station. JR announced that they will also have a special SUICA card commemorating the event and will sell the same at the Tokyo Station exclusively. We went there on 20th and very disappointed when they abruptly terminated the sale of the card due to the commotion and heavy crowds which gathered there ending up as the top headline on news channels and newspapers the following day.

100 years of Tokyo Station
A lesson well learnt, JR woke up to the fact that we live in a world with “Internet connectivity” and they should make use of a online website to get the orders for the SUICA card rather than have people physically show up at the Tokyo Station. GREAT! Many of the original Suica cards subsequently showed up on auction sites at crazy prices.
100years1The JR has put up a website specifically for this and will take orders from tomorrow until February 9, 2015. You can get one card for 2000 yen (500 yen deposit and 1500 yen charge). Access the site (sorry in Japanese) here

100yearsThe card which will go on sale will have the same date of December 20, 2014 ensuring no change from the original card, and we will apply for a card and hoping that the website does not go down with heavy load….On a passing note, we show you a few snaps we took towards the end of 2014 of the Tokyo Station 100 Years Memorial Light-up.
Light up at the 100th anniversary of JR Tokyo Station.
Light up at the 100th anniversary of JR Tokyo Station.
Light up at the 100th anniversary of JR Tokyo Station.


  1. Adrienne


    Hi, my name is Adrienne, can the card be purchased even now or is the duration over? Can you buy one for me in Tokyo. I will pay in May when I come there? Please…

  2. Reply

    Hi Adrienne,
    Apologies, but the time to apply for the card ended in February first week. So unfortunately a bit late by the time we got this message.
    – Manish

  3. will


    Hi, can we just buy in tokyo at the station ? or we have to submit form first ?
    On the blog you wrote it takes 7 months and send it to your country?
    i’m not lived in japan.

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