FREE View : Terrace to watch Shinkansen(Bullet train) action in Tokyo

Experiencing bullet train or the Shinkansen is one of the top ask of visitors to Japan. Enthusiasts go a step further and also try to find spots from where they can watch the high speed bullet lifeline of Japan with a history which goes all the way to the first Olympics event held in Tokyo.
In Tokyo, there are a couple of spots to watch the Shinkansen action and one of our favourite spot is the free access terrace in Yurakucho, the Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan’s Garden Terrace. Located just opposite the Tokyo International Forum (the building in the snap below)
Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan’s Garden Terrace
Next to Marui Department Store, The Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan building has small establishments a bookstore, souvenir shops and the top floor has a French Cafe from where too you can sit and watch the Bullet train action. The Free Access terrace is a small garden and the main draw is its beautiful albeit small garden and the excellent view of the bullet train going past the Yurakucho Station.
Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan’s Garden Terrace
Daily Open between 10:00 to 16:30, The google map is below

The trick to snap crisp snaps when the Shinkansen is running is to know the spots where the train slows down. The Yurakucho Station is just one stop from Tokyo Station and the Shinkansen is still in the Tokyo City just starting its onward journey and is reasonably slow in speed to allow good fast shutter snap action.
Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan’s Garden Terrace
A fast shutter speed can give you a right to left complete coverage by the train with the Tokyo International Forum in the background. Love this spot it is not very busy and the green garden in Ginza is a welcome contrast in a location dominated by commercial department stores. Note that the entrance is free and just a minute walk from JR Yurakucho Station. Very convenient to visit.
Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan’s Garden Terrace
We waited on that day for so many trains to pass by, but all w got was the N700 series Shinkansen. We certainly look forward to go back some day again and watch the various other series and the famous Doctor Yellow Test Shinkansen (Does it ply here for the test runs? Not sure…)
The gallery closes early at 16:30 so make sure you note that and plan accordingly.
Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan’s Garden Terrace
Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan’s Garden Terrace





    It closes sharp at 16:30. We were late by 10 minutes and were not allowed. The spot is cool thought. Thanks!




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