Experience Tokyo – FREE Panoramic view of Edogawa Ward from Tower Hall Funabori

Tower Hall Funabori - Tokyo Edogawa KuCentral Tokyo has many attractions which offer panoramic views of the city, but the ones located in suburbs are the hidden gems and Tower Hall Funabori is one of them.

Located in the eastern ward of Edogawa Tower Hall Funabori is our favourite spot to watch the Disney fireworks from a height of 115 meters which are clearly visible due to the proximity to Urayasu in Chiba Prefecture where Disneyland is located.

View from the Tower Hall Funabori : Tower Hall Funabori is a unique location to see

  • Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree which can fit in one panorama!
  • Tokyo Disneyland fireworks (everyday at 20:30 in the evening)
  • Mount Fuji on a particularly clear day
  • Tokyo Gate Bridge, Rainbow Bridge and Kasai Bashi
  • Arakawa River with the Tokyo Metropolitan Highway
  • Edogawa and Chiba residential areas

Here we present a few stills which will help you decide on this offbeat and free access location
Tower Hall Funabori - Tokyo Edogawa KuThe extreme left of this photograph is the Tokyo Tower while the right side is the Tokyo Skytree. In reality they are much more clearer and easily visible.
Tower Hall Funabori - Tokyo Edogawa KuThe Tokyo Metropolis at the dusk time with the Tokyo Skytree the new addition to the skyline since 2011.
Tower Hall Funabori - Tokyo Edogawa KuThe Toei Shinjuku Line emerges from the tunnel and makes way towards the Funabori Station onwards to the Shinjuku as its final destination.
Tower Hall FunaboriSeasonal events like the summer fireworks of Itabashi, Ichikawa, Asakusa are also very clearly visible from this tower and that makes this a hidden gem in the Tokyo suburbs.
Tower Hall Funabori - Tokyo Edogawa KuSunset from Tower Hall Funabori is equally an awesome view, especially on a clear evening.
Tower Hall FunaboriThe panoramic sunset from the observatory with Metropolitan Highway in the front, sunset on one side and Tokyo Skytree on the other makes for a very romantic evening.
Tower Hall FunaboriNow that you know about the view, lets look about the access to the location. It is a minute away from the Toei Shinjuku Line Funabori Station
Tower Hall FunaboriWalk to the left from the ticketing gate exit and you will see the tower immediately in the front.
Tower Hall FunaboriGoogle Map is below

Take the elevator up to the seventh floor from where you will be guided to another elevator which takes you to the observation deck. The standard services of a beautiful elevator lady speaking in Japanese on the attraction details while the elevator reaches the Observation floor, is included. Japan is sometimes just so predictable.
A cafe on the seventh floor just in case you want to get some refreshments and snacks.
Tower Hall FunaboriAn autumn view of the Tower Hall Funabori from the Funabori Station neighbourhood.
Tower Hall Funabori
For pics of Tower Hall Funabori on a sunny day see AroundTokyo.com for details.


    • Manish


      Yamada san, thanks for your comment. It is indeed our Edogawa ku. The observatory is free access and you should visit on a weekday. Very few crowds

    • Manish


      Hi Girish
      Thankyou for your comment. The schedule is not yet announced for the Asakusa Sumida Gawa Hanabi(隅田川花火大会), but going by experience it will be held on the last Saturday of July, which makes it July 25, 2015. Go early, people do know this spot for fireworks and will be there on that day.

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