Discover India in Japan : Indian Judge enshrined at Yasukuni Shrine Dr. Radha Binod Pal

Radha Binod Pal - Yasukuni ShrineYasukuni Shrine is a Shinto shrine in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. It was founded by Emperor Meiji and commemorates anyone who had died in service of the Empire of Japan. The Honden shrine commemorates anyone who died on behalf of the empire, including not only soldiers, relief workers, factory workers, and other citizens, but also those not of Japanese ethnicity such as Taiwanese and Koreans who served Japan.
Kudanshita - Yasukuni ShrineThe Yasukuni Shrine also has many memorials and one such memorial enshrines the Indian Judge Radha Binod Pal. Justice Radha Binod Pal, an Indian judge from Bengal who was the lone dissenting voice in the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal that found Japan’s wartime military leaders guilty of war crimes. Justice Pal questioned the validity of a trial where war victors judged and sentenced the defeated. A monument is dedicated to his memory at the Yasukuni shrine.
Radha Binod Pal - Yasukuni ShrineRadha Binod Pal believed that the exclusion of Western colonialism and the use of the atom bomb by the United States from the list of crimes, and judges from the vanquished nations on the bench, signified the “failure of the Tribunal to provide anything other than the opportunity for the victors to retaliate.”
The engraved words from Radha Binod Pal. “When time shall have softened passion and prejudice, when Reason shall have stripped the mask from misrepresentation, then Justice, holding evenly her scales, will require much of past censure and praise to change places”
Radha Binod Pal - Yasukuni ShrineIf you visit this place do also see the various exhibits in the Yushukan Museum in the Shrine complex.The Yūshūkan is a Japanese military and war museum located within Yasukuni Shrine in Chiyoda, Tokyo.
Yushukan, museum at the Yasukuni Shrine in KudanshitaA military plane exhibit at the Yushukan Museum. This is the free access part of the museum at the Yushukan. The cafeteria and the shop in that museum can be accessed without any admission fee. We highly recommend to pay the admission fee and see the extensive things from World War Two on display at the museum.
Yushukan, museum at the Yasukuni Shrine in KudanshitaWith the political discourse around the shrine always in news, with whatever views you have on the matter, this is a highly recommended spot if you want to discover various Indian footprints in Japan.
Location is as per the Google Map below

Interestingly the Indian Embassy in Japan, Tokyo is just a minute walk from the Yasukuni Shrine.
Indian Embassy in Japan, Tokyo
Indian Embassy in Japan, Tokyo
Incredible India tourism posters at the Indian Embassy of Tokyo.
Indian Embassy in Japan, Tokyo


    • Manish


      Yes, that is the background which we want to surface for you to explore and know more about the city and the history! Thanks for your comment Sammy.

  1. Brittany


    Did he really believe or did just to get into the good books of the Japanese?

    • Reply

      Next time, do stop by, You need to turn right from the main gate of Yasukuni Shrine to reach this bust of Radha Binod Pal

  2. Sarah


    Great info… Will b visiting in December..will surely chk it out…ur info on the PR ?.

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