Tokyo Station renewal before Summer Olympics

Tokyo Station
The 100 year anniversary of the Tokyo Station saw the exterior on the Marunouchi end of the Tokyo Station being restored to its original beauty. In October 2012, the renovation process was completed and the station was made open to the general public again.

With the Summer Olympics of 2020, the underground area and its pedestrian passageway network will be upgraded. The plan will involve excavating a new underground addition of
approximately 4,500 m2 underneath the Marunouchi station-front plaza, and a complete rearrangement of the existing ticket gates, station concourse to the Marunouchi underground area.

According to JR East, “A new Marunouchi Underground South Entrance Waiting Space (provisional name) of approximately 3,500 m2 will be created under Tokyo Station. Meanwhile, the driving wheel monument will be moved from the Underground North Entrance to the convergence point of pedestrian passageways near the Underground South Entrance.

The area around the station which will also be renovated with beautiful landscaping is presently out of bounds with “keep off” signs pasted all around the location


Around the station there is a lot of information on the renovation work with a dash of the 100 year history information also published in the vicinity


A time-lapse video  of the Tokyo Station exterior which we shot a couple of months back is here.


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