Tokyo Midtown : Photos from the SUMMER LIGHT GARDEN

On the weekend went to the Tokyo Midtown Complex in ROppongi to experience the Summer Light Garden event. Midtown is hosting an event of lights “SUMMER LIGHT GARDEN” with a unique first time illumination of around 54000 LED lights.

The event started on 17th of July and will continue until 30th of August every evening from 18:30 and the neighborhood is lit up with beautiful white lights giving a sense of cooling effect to the overall atmosphere.
Tokyo Midtown : SUMMER LIGHT GARDENThe illumination will be suspended on a rainy day so check the weather before going to the event. Midtown event in Cherry blossoms draws an awesome crowd, but the summer event is being conducted for the first time and not many people crowd there and that was quite a pleasent evening you can spend until the word spreads through blogs like ours and people crowd the location.Tokyo Midtown : SUMMER LIGHT GARDENThe Niagara falls illumination was certainly the attraction to watch out for. Beautiful background music and animated LED lights play is worth the visit! 54000 LED’s in that green garden space at the backside of the Midtown Complex is quite a good number to allow for illumination art expression. There is also a  Firework simulation conducted three times every hour at Summer Light Garden.Tokyo Midtown : SUMMER LIGHT GARDENNot only the light up, you should also try the ASHIMIZU at the Midtown. It is a place where you can sit by and a stream of cool water flows below. You can sit alongwith your spouse, friend with feet in the water. The relaxing feel at ASHIMIZU was awesome. It is a free service, just register your name with the staff there and you will be assigned a seat to enjoy….Tokyo Midtown : SUMMER LIGHT GARDENASHIMIZU ends at 20:00 although the light up continues late until 22:00 in the night. You may be excused if you forget the time you spend at Ashimizu place and don’t want to get up and get out your feet from the coooooool water. Towels are available at the venue so enjoy and relax….
Tokyo Midtown : SUMMER LIGHT GARDENDrinks and food also available at the venue….We had snack level stuff od NACHOS and a few soft drinks to enjoy the evening.

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