Mount Fuji from the Ichikawa I-Link Observation Deck

Mount Fuji is frequently is part of the wood block prints or Ukiyoe. It is common to see towering depictions of the Mount Fuji which was easily visible from most of the locations in Tokyo, then called the City of Edo. With Towering mansions, office buildings and overall development including clean air, being able to see Mount Fuji gets restricted to clear days in autumn and winter or in summer after a typhoon has passed leaving behind clean skies.

There are many spots in and around Tokyo (free access) and one of my personal favorite in these 3-4 years is the Ichikawa I-link Observation Deck (FREE) a minute walk from the Ichikawa Station on the Sobu Main Line.  From the observatory you can see a panoramic view of Tokyo, Saitama, Ibaragi, and Chiba area and the best part is it is not crowded like the other observatories in town. Here is a view of the 45 floor tower mansion.
Ichikawa I-Link ObservatoryThere is an elevator from 1F and 3F which will take you to the top of the tower. Some details.
Operation hours : 09:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Admission fee : Free
NOTE that the observatory is closed on every Mondays (If Monday is a national holiday, then closed on Tuesday)
Last but not the least the observatory is closed between December 29-January 3
Nearest station JR Sobu Line Ichikawa Station
Ichikawa I-Link ObservatoryAs I entered the observation deck, I noticed that it had the standard amenities of a rest room, and free WiFi network Softbank, BUT, NO VENDING MACHINE. I was dying for a coffee. Grrr.Ichikawa I-Link ObservatoryThe first panoramic view is on the Chiba side. Three beautiful bridges on the river (the double bridge Ichikawa Bashi in the center). This was the view from the 46th floor deck which you access via the stairs, so do not forget to go there on 46th floor.Ichikawa I-link Obervation DeckWas expecting to see the Yokohama side, but yeah depending ont he time of the day, this end was with highlights blown off and could not capture the Yokohama Landmark Tower which is so much was looking forward to. You can see the JR Sobu Line on the left down side making its way through the city. With not many high rise buildings in the vicinity like the Shinjuku side, the views are clear and long.Ichikawa I-Link ObservatoryMatsudo Chiba side shot. The security staff was seen telling other visitors to not use tripods. Does not bother me since I did not own a tripod ever. The world is flat and steady enough to get good snaps. Ichikawa I-Link ObservatoryOne shot from the elevator which takes you to 45th floor.Ichikawa I-Link ObservatoryThe best shot and the most sought after is the Tokyo Skytree and the Mount Fuji side by side. I wanted to ensure that I am also abe to keep the river flowing down on a clear day also in the shot and was able to get the below shot with the blue river waters, the Skytree in the front and the Mount Fuji in the back. Maybe its just my camera, but depending on the gear you use, you can get a more beautiful shot am sure.Ichikawa I-link Obervation DeckAs you can see the observatory on the 46th floor is quite empty with very few people know about such a view to contrast the Mount Fuji and the Tokyo Skytree. Ichikawa I-link Obervation DeckGoogle Location :


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    A very nice article with pics! The view of the central Tokyo area with Mount Fuji behind it is outstanding. I can’t wait to go to I-Link Tower again and enjoy the sunset view!

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