How to withdraw cash in Japan using the International ATM service/Forex Card on Japan Post’s ATM machine

Japan had an ATM problem. ATM’s used to be few in number and used to operate until 09:00 p.m. even in the early 2000’s. The convenience stores did not have ATM machines and an economy where Credit Cards are not always acceptable like in other western countries, cash used to be a serious problem. Travelers and tourists even now are confused how to operate the ATM’s to use their Forex cards and we introduce you a step by step way to access a Japan Post’s ATM machine and get your cash from an overseas banks Forex card (International ATM service).

First and foremost you need to know which cards work. The details are here
Now secondly go to a post office (usually nearby any railway station), the sign for a post office is as below
16825615506_c10e42b99c_kThe ATM machine from Japan Post looks something like this (pretty standard one) until you see the screen
imageSee the screen and people who do not read Japanese throw up! No worries, see the right hand bottom corner and you will see the word ENGLISH, press that button.
imageYES, an English menu at last.
imageNow ENTER your card in the slot provided on the machine. Its on the right hand side of the screen usually. we have tried Indian cards ICICI, HDFC, SBI forex cards and all word at the Japan Post ATM. Other Visa cards from other countries work similarly.
imageSince its an international card with only withdrawal services, your menu should get reduced to the one button WITHDRAWAL in there. Select Withdrawal
imageA general confirmation screen will pop up informing you on any commissions which are applicable depending on the card type. HDFC Forex cards do not charge any, in our case when we tried the same. Select CONFIRM.
imageEnter your PIN screen, where you will need to punch the 4 digit PIN using the virtual keyboard on the ATM machine provided.
imageThe confirmation button for some reason is not available on the screen and you should locate the physical keypad on the machine where you will see that GREEN button on the bottom right which is for confirming the entered amount. Maximum is 100000 yen at a time. You can withdraw multiple times in a day.
imageThat is it. The cash will be prepared and you can take the card, the receipt and the cash. Do not forget to pick all the three.
imageYou can take a paper envelope to put in your cash so that you can carry it safely. That easy.. seriously.. whoever said that international cards are a pain in Japan mostly are the ones who came in early 2000’s or late 1990’s and have not used the international cards lately in Japan. Now that you know how to withdraw cash, why not send me a gift!!!! 🙂 🙂


  1. Earl


    Nice Website! BTW You can easily take cash in similar way from a credit card issued by overseas financial institutions too

    • Reply

      Arun, its straightforward and simple. One can come from India just with a card, anyone in Indian can also charge your card if required in case the balance is low. No hassle to carry large amount of cash/TC exchange

  2. Arant


    Hi I am travelling to Tokyo this week and wanted to check if a regular Indian debit card (not forex plus) can be used to withdraw money?

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