Ark Hills Sakura Festival in Tokyo

Parks, riversides, ponds, hiking trails—that’s what comes to mind first when thinking about Japan’s hanami (flower, in particular cherry blossom watching) in spring. However, the city itself offers some interesting cherry blossom viewing spots, too. Ark Hills with its only recently built Sengokuyama Residence and Izumi Garden Tower in Roppongi Itchome are both modern complexes, presenting an interesting combination of workplace and residences. City life is combined with a feel of nature, as beautiful greenery decks the neighborhood throughout the year. In spring the area around Roppongi Itchome gets a makeover when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The cherry trees line the streets of the commercial complex pavements, which start from Izumi Garden Tower at Roppongi Itchome, extending to Ark Hills, the Swedish embassy and the ANA Hotel right up to Tameike-Sanno Metro station.
DSC104135 StitchThe Ark Hills Sakura Festival kicks off in March every year, when the white collar employees of the nearby offices enjoy strolling around and watching the beautiful flowers during their lunch break together with their co-workers.
DSC09615 StitchSkyscrapers and beautiful flowers—that’s a unique combination and the main attraction of the Sakura Festival during the day. There are even spots with the beautiful Shidare Sakura, a weeping cherry variety, which branches fall like those of a weeping willow, bearing cascades of pink flowers.
DSC04164 StitchThe main attraction in the evening is the light-up of the streets and the cherry trees; office workers enjoy the flowers once again on their way back home; often accompanied by a beer or two. Ark Hills sakura as reflected in traffic mirror on the pavement
DSC09601The Izumi Garden complex and Ark Hills both have various events going on during this time of the year, until about the middle of April, so even after the flowers have fallen off and are being replaced by the green leaves which will then stay on for the rest of the year.
DSC09540The Roppongi Itchome crossing with the flowers below the residence buildings in the background.
DSC104128The magic of flowers is such that even the pet dog is attracted to the blossoms around it and enjoying himself.
Pet Dog at Ark hills in Tokyo, watching the Sakura flowers, cherry blossom


  1. Lavina Graceffo


    I was deputed to Tokyo a couple of years back and staying at the ANA HOTEL nearby, this is a highly recommended spot for cherry blossoms. The office building I used to work at, Akasaka Twin Tower is no more!! They recently pulled it down. 🙁

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